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Hegemony Theory

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I am a novice in this forum, but I have been following world affairs for at least 70 years, and I have a unique perspective because I spent my most formative years, elementary school through university, abroad. For instance, I consider the cold war a completely unnecessary exercise, serving the interests of the military-industrial-"research"-political class-media-etc interests, but not those of the world's people. In 1940 FDR ran for a third term against Wendell Willkie -- both realized that the world must be made safe from war and fascism. Willkie published One World in 1943, and FDR focussed his 4th term on making a workable United Nations capable of replacing imperialistic power politics (so called national interest) with mutually beneficial policies based on common interests. It is now clearer than ever that the true interests of the world's population are planetary, rather than national, and the ideal person to carry that message forward is Al Gore. I returned to the US at the end of 1947 to go to graduate school (friends referred to me as a native born foreigner) and viewed with dismay the development of the cold war. Only 2 people stood out as having a perspective on reality, Stevenson and Kennan, as opposed to crusaders like Eisenhower and (later) Kennedy. I thought that viewing earth from the moon would lead to the kind of rational attitude like the one that led to the formation of the European Union instead of the historical tradition of greater and more disastrous wars, but only Gore stands out as a person willing to view things the way a scientist looking at the world would. That's how he picked on global warming, the importance of the internet -- the man who can lead from a global point of view. He will make a great Democratic candidate -- if the candidates in the primaries hold out against a media declared "winner" a deadlocked convention could easily tern to him. You may guess that I am a high energy physicist.

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