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H.R. 5036-110

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House Bill 5036 (110th Congress)
Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008.
Sponsor: Rep Holt, Rush
Committees: House Administration, Science and Technology


Bill Text

Text of H.R. 5036-110

Update Status

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According to Kathy Dopp of the Election Data Archive, the bill applies only to the November 2008 election and:

1. Reimburses jurisdictions who want to get rid of paperless DRE systems to switch to optical scanners, paper ballots, and ballot marking devices.

2. Reimburses any jurisdictions using any DRE (electronic ballot touch-screen machines - even ones with paper roll ballot records) to pre-print paper ballots in case of machine malfunction on election day only if these ballots will be counted as a regular ballot.

3. Reimburses any jurisdictions for conducting manual audits of machine-counted vote counts for audits conducted independently in at least 3% of vote counts that are publicly reported prior to conducting random selections for the audit. The bill makes other vote count audit requirements that are crucially important to valid audits but not currently met by most state vote count audit procedures.

4. Reimburses jurisdictions which determine the outcomes of election by hand counting all paper ballots.

Any county, township, or state jurisdiction may apply for reimbursement by:

1. applying in advance of the 2008 November election and providing assurances that the jurisdiction will meet the bill's requirements for emergency paper ballots or for obtaining precinct-based equipment that marks or tabulates or scans paper ballots.

2. certifying after the election that the audits were conducted as per the requirements of the bill for publicly verifiable manual audits of machine vote counts.

3. documenting reasonable costs paid or incurred by any jurisdiction.

Reimbursement will be provided directly to the jurisdiction and applications do not have to go through the state. Payments will be made to the jurisdictions for reasonable costs within 30 days of receiving all required certifications and documentation of costs.

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