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GFDL corpus

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The GFDL corpus is the most neutral and generic name for the articles that are constantly evolving at Wikipedia, Wikinfo, Sourcewatch, Consumerium, dkosopedia itself, and other GFDL-licensed open content sources. The GFDL license requires these, or contributors to any of these, to share their improvements effectively. The biggest barrier to this has been Wikimedia, which tries to demand that all use of articles link back to Wikipedia, although its inclusion criteria are not the most permissive, and it constantly removes valid material due to the infamous "rule 5" of the "Wikipedia:candidates for speedy deletion" rules.

Most of the GFDL corpus is from neutral point of view. Wikipedia in particular deals very poorly with multiple point of view situations like for instance the many political views of Islam. While the main article on it, Wikipedia:Islam as a political movement, is fine and linked as a main reference, there are many fringe articles titled with the propaganda term:Islamism, term:Islamofascism or even term:Islamonazism, of very dubious validity.

Forgetting the articles, the GFDL corpus namespace is very mature and should be copied for almost all naming conventions even in non-neutral sources (the advantage of neutral names is great, and the disadvantage is relatively small) such as dkosopedia itself. It does not have a separate term:namespace but uses a convention of referring to truly questionable concepts as a slogan. Because dkosopedia is GFDL, and hosts contentious debates, it may eventually set standards for naming and dealing with non-neutral terminology.

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