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DKos Local

From dKosopedia

Started in the aftermath of the 2004 election. Lists of what members are in what geographical regions, so we can contact each other and meet locally if we want. Only put yourself in a region where you'd be willing to drive to meet other people in that same region. If one doesn't exist, make a new region.

How do I sign up? - If you don't have an account, create one, preferably with the same username as you have on daily kos if it's available. Then, just come to this page and click one of the edit links to add your name.

Another method of meeting dKos locals is by organizing meetings and inviting people in a diary, East Bay Kossacks Meetup is one example.

This diary: Meetup and Drink with Your Neighbors is an attempt to help organize dKos without using the dKosopedia through the use of Categories.

A similar effort is at DKos Caucuses - for Kossacks wanting to organize for local activism.





EMKennedyLucio: Goodyear (Just West of Phoenix)


Greater Sacramento Area

Bay Area

See also:
Bay Area Jobs Project
Bay Area Local Businesses

Southern California

Also see the SoCalKossacks email list


Denver/Boulder Metro Area



Southern Nevada

New Mexico

New England


Connecticut Region

New Hampshire



Boston North

Central Mass

Western Mass

Midwest Region


Chicago: In city

Chicago: Suburban





Ann Arbor Area



St Louis Area KevinEarlLynch

Kansas City


South Dakota


Southern Wisconsin

Mid-Atlantic Region

(Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia)

New Jersey

New York

New York City (5 boroughs)



Hampton Roads

See dKosCommentSearch:Virginia

Northern VA

Washington DC Region

Southwest VA

Pacific Northwest


Central Oregon

Oregon Coast

Portland Region



Seattle Region



Deep South Region



North Carolina




United Kingdom

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