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Corporate media

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Refers to the universe of broadcast and press organizations owned by corporations and, thus, overly driven by ratings and profits rather than objective journalistic standards.



'Corporate Media' is a good example of a replacement for 'SCLM' or 'MSM' or other ways of refering to the out-dated LegacyMedia.

Prior to Eric Alterman's What Liberal Media? the term was probably simply 'The media' or (Republican meme) 'The Liberal Media'. Although SCLM as a meme suffered from being negative and defensive (tending to draw attention to the original Republican meme) it was a lot better than nothing. After dominating for a while a number of alternatives were suggested with nothing catching on, although several meme's that ended in 'Corporate Media' were tried. For example 'Republican Corporate Media' or 'Right-Wing Corporate Media' and less polite versions. Since none dominated people took to using the Right-wing meme 'Main stream media', abreviated to 'MSM'.

Calling the corporate media 'mainstream' is benefiting them. It says that they are popular, professional, serious and legitimate - all the things they wish to be known as. By contrast the blogs become outside the mainstream; extremist, irresponsible, unserious, unreliable.

Instead use 'Corporate Media' which is clear and contains a criticism which even the corporate media must acknowledge; namely that they are for-profit companies with the corresponding bias built in. Other prefixes may be added according to context without losing the meme.

Suggest use of 'MSB' ('mainstream blogs') to counter the 'MSM' meme. Mainstream blogs are the main news and politics blogs as distinct from 'the blogosphere' which appies to non-political blogs too.


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