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Contraception is any method that prevents the conception of a child. The most common methods are barrier methods and hormonal methods. Barrier methods work by preventing the mingling of fluids, while hormonal methods basically trick the woman's body into believing that it is pregnant so that fertilized eggs won't implant.

The Roman Catholic Church opposed the contraceptive pill and many other forms of contraception. Evidence from Italy which has a remarkably low birth rate, and from U.S. Catholics, however, suggest that the Catholic rank and file pay little attention to those stance.

The Roman Catholic Church is the only major Christian denomination opposed in principal to birth control. But, many Conservative Christians are uncomfortable with contraception being discussed in school health classes (i.e. sex education) because they fear that this would encourage pre-marital sex which they oppose, even though the empirical evidence has repeatedly shown the abstainence only sex education does not work to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, while science based sex education does help prevent those bad outcomes.

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