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Connecticut U.S. Senate election, 2006

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The 2006 race for the U.S. Senator from Connecticut will be a race between these candidates:

Major party candidates

Other: Joe Lieberman

Incumbent Democratic Senator and former Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Lieberman has lost the Democratic Party Primary to challenger Ned Lamont because of Lieberman's tone deaf embrace of the second Bush administration's failed foreign policy in the Middle East. Lieberman has vowed to continue his campaign as an unaffiliated candidate in the general election.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Race

CT-Sen FAQ contains a list of frequently asked questions about this race with answers taken from Daily Kos, such as "why shouldn't Lieberman be in the Senate?", "Is the opposition to Lieberman just about his Iraq war support?", "What is this Ned Lamont guy about?", "Isn't he way too far to the left?", and "Why are people at Daily Kos so fixated on this race?". The positions in the FAQ are supported by front page stories on Daily Kos, or "recommended" diaries which have broad support in the Daily Kos community.

2006 General Election Polling Data

Source Date Democrat Republican Independent
Rasmussen August 22, 2006 Ned Lamont 43% Alan Schlesinger 6% Joseph Lieberman 45%
Rasmussen August 12, 2006 Ned Lamont 41% Alan Schlesinger 6% Joseph Lieberman 46%
Rasmussen July 20, 2006 Ned Lamont 40% Alan Schlesinger 13% Joseph Lieberman 40%
Quinnipiac July 20, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 68% Alan Schlesinger 15%
Quinnipiac July 20, 2006 Ned Lamont 45% Alan Schlesinger 22%
Quinnipiac July 20, 2006 Ned Lamont 27% Alan Schlesinger 9% Joseph Lieberman 51%
Rasmussen June 19, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 61% Alan Schlesinger 23%
Rasmussen June 19, 2006 Ned Lamont 29% Alan Schlesinger 15% Joseph Lieberman 44%
Quinnipiac June 8, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 68% Alan Schlesinger 14%
Quinnipiac June 8, 2006 Ned Lamont 37% Alan Schlesinger 20%
Quinnipiac June 8, 2006 Ned Lamont 18% Alan Schlesinger 8% Joseph Lieberman 56%
Quinnipiac May 2, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 65% Alan Schlesinger 14%
Quinnipiac May 2, 2006 Ned Lamont 25% Alan Schlesinger 20%
Quinnipiac May 2, 2006 Ned Lamont 13% Alan Schlesinger 10% Joseph Lieberman 56%

Joe Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman party, former Democrat)


Important Dates



Previous Elections

Connecticut Presidential Election Results


Lamont has the Democratic nomination, and is the presumed favorite, but Lieberman will have significant support for his Independent campaign. Schlesinger has admitted that he has a gambling problem and that he sometimes visited casinos under an assumed name.

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