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Christopher Bond

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Christopher "Kit" Bond is a Republican Senator from Missouri.


First Furball

During the May 18, 2006 Nomination Hearing of Gen. Michael V. Hayden as DCIA before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Bond asked Hayden a rambling question obviously intended to elicit condemnation of efforts to end the secret NSA domestic survelliance program. Hayden gave a more rambling response that included a weird reference to an physical ailment suffered by cats. Some sort of conservative code perhaps?

Bond: Going back to the NSA, I gather that there are some folks who really would like to see this program shut down. They may be phrasing it in various terms, but I suspect that there are soem who say it ought to be shut down. What would happen to out ability to identify and disrupt a planned al Qaeda attack in the United States, were it to happen?

Hayden: Sir, we've--my personal view and the reason I accepted this in October 2001 is my responsibility to help defend the nation. The folks who run this program, I think, believe and corectly believe--they make a substantiual contribution to the safety of the Republic. I went out to see them at the height of the first furball about this, and, you know, they're doing their jobs, but it was a difficult time. But the only emotion they expressed to me was not for themselves or that they had done anything wrong, but that they wanted to be able to continue to do what it is they had been doing."

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