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From dKosopedia

Categories help in scaling a large collection of information into more manageable and navigable chunks. Small, slow, systems do not need categorization since the added overhead can inhibit presentation of the material.

The center panel of the Daily Kos main page is broken into categories as the central authors add articles. Selecting a section such as FAQ on the right panel will go to that section. You can get a subset of postings by going to the Search page and using a tag from the approved list. Use the form:


Where you put the category you want in the quotes. (Example: "tag="framing" to search for diaries with the tag "framing" attached.)

As the membership in dKos has increased, the rapid development and posting of diaries has to some extent made the diary system unworkable. Diaries scroll past quicker than many users can read them. Categorizing the diaries could help organize the diaries so they can be filtered, read and used by those interested.

Interesting features of categorization may be:

One form of diary categorization is the method described and demonstrated in "Kos:AnCow8:Categorization works now". It works by placing special keywords in posts and using the search tool to find the keywords. It is capable of several of the features listed above. The following links demonstrate this method:

  1. CategoryAlabama -- CategoryAlabamaMeetup
  2. CategoryAlaska -- CategoryAlaskaMeetup
  3. CategoryArizona -- CategoryArizonaMeetup
  4. CategoryArkansas -- CategoryArkansasMeetup
  5. CategoryCalifornia -- CategoryCaliforniaMeetup
  6. CategoryColorado -- CategoryColoradoMeetup
  7. CategoryConnecticut -- CategoryConnecticutMeetup
  8. CategoryDelaware -- CategoryDelawareMeetup
  9. CategoryFlorida -- CategoryFloridaMeetup
  10. CategoryGeorgia -- CategoryGeorgiaMeetup
  11. CategoryHawaii -- CategoryHawaiiMeetup
  12. CategoryIdaho -- CategoryIdahoMeetup
  13. CategoryIllinois -- CategoryIllinoisMeetup
  14. CategoryIndiana -- CategoryIndianaMeetup
  15. CategoryIowa -- CategoryIowaMeetup
  16. CategoryKansas -- CategoryKansasMeetup
  17. CategoryKentucky -- CategoryKentuckyMeetup
  18. CategoryLouisiana -- CategoryLouisianaMeetup
  19. CategoryMaine -- CategoryMaineMeetup
  20. CategoryMaryland -- CategoryMarylandMeetup
  21. CategoryMassachusetts -- CategoryMassachusettsMeetup
  22. CategoryMichigan -- CategoryMichiganMeetup
  23. CategoryMinnesota -- CategoryMinnesotaMeetup
  24. CategoryMississippi -- CategoryMississippiMeetup
  25. CategoryMissouri -- CategoryMissouriMeetup
  26. CategoryMontana -- CategoryMontanaMeetup
  27. CategoryNebraska -- CategoryNebraskaMeetup
  28. CategoryNevada -- CategoryNevadaMeetup
  29. CategoryNewHampshire -- CategoryNewHampshireMeetup
  30. CategoryNewJersey -- CategoryNewJerseyMeetup
  31. CategoryNewMexico -- CategoryNewMexicoMeetup
  32. CategoryNewYork -- CategoryNewYorkMeetup
  33. CategoryNorthCarolina -- CategoryNorthCarolinaMeetup
  34. CategoryNorthDakota -- CategoryNorthDakotaMeetup
  35. CategoryOhio -- CategoryOhioMeetup
  36. CategoryOklahoma -- CategoryOklahomaMeetup
  37. CategoryOregon -- CategoryOregonMeetup
  38. CategoryPennsylvania -- CategoryPennsylvaniaMeetup
  39. CategoryRhodeIsland -- CategoryRhodeIslandMeetup
  40. CategorySouthCarolina -- CategorySouthCarolinaMeetup
  41. CategorySouthDakota -- CategorySouthDakotaMeetup
  42. CategoryTennessee -- CategoryTennesseeMeetup
  43. CategoryTexas -- CategoryTexasMeetup
  44. CategoryUtah -- CategoryUtahMeetup
  45. CategoryVermont -- CategoryVermontMeetup
  46. CategoryVirginia -- CategoryVirginiaMeetup
  47. CategoryWashington -- CategoryWashingtonMeetup
  48. CategoryWestVirginia -- CategoryWestVirginiaMeetup
  49. CategoryWisconsin -- CategoryWisconsinMeetup
  50. CategoryWyoming -- CategoryWyomingMeetup

If you'd like to add categories please prefix the new category with the word Category so there is a consistent and recognizable way of generating new categories.

A demonstration of multiple categorization and integration with the dKosopedia is in this diary

Kos just did away with categories the other day. :-D The bulk of the external links now just comment search. This shouldn't stop us from setting up categories in the wiki for navigation and content management. --DRolfe 23:02, 25 Jul 2005 (PDT)

They always were just comment searches, which is not something that Kos can do away with. The method described above will work as long as comments are searchable. -- AnCow8 2005-08-22

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This page was last modified 20:01, 3 March 2007 by Rich Wingerter. Based on work by Chad Lupkes and dKosopedia user(s) AnCow8, SarahLee, Sele, DRolfe, Catfish, Teacherken, Colorless green ideas and Lilithvf1998. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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