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Candidates For Deletion/deletion policies

From dKosopedia

dKospedia Deletion Policies

Readers of dKospedia are encouraged to submit new articles and edit existing articles. Even if some participants seem a little cranky, we welcome fellow progressives. The following are merely guidelines rather than clearly and finally established rules. Have fun here.

There are three four classes of articles subject to deletion:

  1. Articles for immediate deletion without debate.
  2. Articles nominated for rapid deletion, with time-limited debate on Candidates for rapid deletion.
  3. Articles so-nominated, with a longer period of debate on Candidates for deletion.
  4. Current-events articles lacking follow-through.

Candidates for immediate deletion.

Candidates for rapid deletion.

Candidates for deletion.

Current-events articles for deletion (for active debate; do the debate in talk).

Special rule #1 Any article deemed to have potential value for future development may be restored. As a practical matter, this is a rule only admins can appreciate, in that only they can review and undelete deleted articles.

Special rule #2 There are a great deal of lamentably poor articles left over from the early days of dKosopedia. This includes material from the November, 2004 election, much of which is so lacking in context as to be unsalvageable. For the moment, deletion is left to the discretion of the admins.

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This page was last modified 04:52, 11 November 2006 by dKosopedia user Egmod. Based on work by Chad Lupkes and dKosopedia user(s) Allamakee Democrat, BartFraden and Anonymous troll. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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