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Canadian invasion of the U.S.

From dKosopedia

A Canadian invasion of the U.S. is considered much less likely in real life than a Mexican invasion of the U.S..

Due to the balance of power effects internally to the US, and the propaganda effects of invading such a peaceful neighbour, the reverse idea of U.S. invasion of Canada is actually much less practical and ridiculous.

The Canadian invasion, though more practical (still not very), seems to sell seats mostly because the idea is so funny:

Daily Show comic Lewis Black, at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, Quebec, and an American citizen, included in his act begging Canada to invade the U.S. to stop the Bush administration.

He was adamant that such a Canadian invasion of the U.S. would not only not be stopped, but rather, it would be actively facilitated by Blue States.

Technically this request was probably high treason, not that anyone is ever prosecuted for that in the U.S. any more: see Karl Rove, Valerie Plame, position:George H. W. Bush conspired with Iran to defeat Carter and position:George H. W. Bush assassinated Kennedy.

However, it was not the first and not the last time a Canadian invasion of the US would be raised. There are a surprisingly large number of such references in fiction:

There fairly direct participation by Canadians in forming US opinion through drama and entertainment media, for instance, Canadians such as Donald Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland in starring roles about American politics, conspiracy and the presidency, such as the elder's appearance in the film JFK and the younger's starring role in 24 (TV). Kiefer's grandfather (via his mother Shirley Douglas) was the founder of the Canadian New Democratic Party: Tommy Douglas, an extreme and outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and the pioneer of universal health care in Canada.

Some contend that advocating a serious Canadian invasion of the U.S. on the grounds that the U.S. should be more like Canada, is a useful political bit of rhetoric for the MemeTank.

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