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The 50 state strategy brings much hope to those of us who are fighting for a Democratic Congress, but for those of us who live in the forgotten districts, it brings little hope for a change of our representation.

I live in CA-19: Image:Ca19.JPG



California's 19th congressional district is one of the poor foothill and valley districts. The district includes Tuolumne, Mariposa, and Madera Counties and some of Stanislaus and Fresno Counties. The real heart of this District is the town of Sonora, recently featured on NBC's new show Three Wishes. I never thought I'd live to see the day Sonora got on national television.

Tuolumne County:


Sonora is a town that's growing. Just fast enough to be noticed and just slow enough to were no one protests. Sonora still has a semi-thriving main street, in spite of the Wal-Mart, and many of the kids go to the same High School their parents did, Sonora High. Sonora's elementary school is considered the best in the County. Sonora is were the most of the things that happen in Tuolumne County that are worth noting happen. In general Sonora is rural Anytown, USA.

Sonora Politically: Sonora is as Conservative as Bill Clinton on most issues. This town is lower-middle class workers and small business owners. It has all the ingredients of a Democratic Stronghold. All it needs is the spark.

Jamestown: Jamestown is really small and very poor. I would say the 2nd poorest in the County. The local school, Jamestown Elementary, is considered to be the "stoner school" or the "white trash school". Jamestown Elementary has little money, bad teachers and has had at least one case of corruption and cronyism. A principle was stealing funds from the school and to divert attention away from her crime she accused a 4th grade student of mental insanity and of plotting to kill her in a shoot up the school. 3 weeks later that student's teacher was fired, and the principle was replaced and never seen again. The town is were I grew up and is were I live today. Its still poor and still considered the trashy part of the county, and we're damn proud of the title. We hate developers, and we've fought off taco bell, pizza hut, and countless other big chains. We don't want to end up like Modesto. Also, we are afraid of ending up like Tuolumne City.

Jamestown Politically: The Democratic party could really make progress here. With the right campaign and a good candidate we could make this a democratic strong hold. Paint republicans as pro-developer, and tie them to the ruin of Modesto, and what happened to Tuolumne City, this could become a 90-95% Democratic strong hold.

Tuolumne City: Tuolumne City is a dying town. It consists of 3 parts. The first part is the central part of town and the poorest. Its main street is abandoned and mostly empty, its school is only a little better then Jamestown's, and for the most part Black Oak Casino is what keeps people there. The second part is the wealthy and very religious part of town. Its isolated from the rest of town and its property tax's pretty much support the whole town. The third is the smallest but is already mostly Democratic. The small family ranches and those who "escaped" the bay area. In general its a sad town to see. It will break your heart to drive through it and will kill you to live there.

Tuolumne City Politically: Its polarized between the wealthy Republican Zealots of the northern suburbs, and the Democratic Ranchers of the Southern rural areas. The poor ruined city in the middle does lean Democratic but the City as a whole has a low population and is overall Republican. If we can make the Central region solidly Democratic we could have a second strong hold.

Columbia: Columbia is hard to describe. Way back when it was in the running to become the State Capitol, and is like most of the towns in the foothills was a gold rush boom town. It gets a lot of tourist because part of Columbia is a state park and has dirt roads and looks as it did way back when. The town is mostly dirt poor to lower-middle class. They get by on their local businesses and have little concerns. It can be divided into 2 parts. The first is the main part of town. Mostly Middle to lower Middle class workers and small Business owners. Its also were you can find most of the students attending Columbia Community Collage. The Second part of town is the biggest, Land wise, and the poorest. Big hill is poorer then Jamestown and Tuolumne City Combined. Then there's everything Down and from Italian Bar Road, A narrow dirt road, to the tiny un-official town of Jupiter.

Columbia Politically: Is another small town were if the Democratic Party plays its cards right could give it 3 foothill strongholds. It is composed of every kind of people who are party is supposed to represent, poor, small Business, middle class, dirt poor.

Jupiter: Sitting in a remote canyon in Northern Tuolumne County and right next to the Tuolumne River it is the most remote place in the county and district. Officially It doesn't exist, but its there. There is no electricity and no running water and no telephones. The people are third world dirt poor. And many are criminals on the run and people who just don't want to be found. It is a place were few people go. Most of the people dumb enough to go down Italian bar road towards the town of Jupiter are tourist who sometimes are never seen again. And the police never go there or even near it.

Jupiter Politically: Don't go there. Don't even go down the road. Most are people who DON'T want to be found.

Twain Heart and Crystal Falls: Twain Heart is in the northern part of the county. It lies well into pine and snow country. Crystal falls is the wealthier parts of the county. Twain Heart is probably the only place in the county that's doing good economically other then Sonora.

Twain Heart and Crystal Falls Politically: They have a Republican slant. Between the wealth and the over all high level of religious Zealots these areas are the GOPs playground.

Summerville/Soulsbyville: Last but not least is Summerville. Summerville really just a road called Summerville and Willow Springs and a school. Its also called Soulsbyville, It has about 4 churches in the area. This is were allot of the Christian voters are found. This area is varies from well to do and just plain rich to lower middle class. It is very religious here. In fact I attended one of the churches for several years, Calvary Chapel. But it was becoming more and more of a religious "right" church then an actual house of the lord. Also I got tired of all the GOP faxes, phone calls, and mail.

Summerville/Soulsbyville Politically: The Democratic Party can win over the elderly and the middle class workers of this area and some of the non-radicalized religious voters but other then that this is another GOP playground.

Tuolumne County in General: Tuolumne County is a rural county and is the biggest part of CA-19, land wise. Are representative in congress is George Radanovich (R), are State Senator is Charles Poochigian (R), and are State Assemblyman is Dave Cogdill (R). In recent Elections the Democratic Party has ignored this District and this county. Threes allot of potential in Tuolumne County for the Democratic Party but there's just no effort put into it. The candidates they run, if any, are basically collage kids who don't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. Also know one really likes or knows about are state and federal representatives, They mostly campaign in the southern part of the district in Madera, and Fresno County were a good chunk of the districts population lives. Also just south of Tuolumne County is Stanislaus. While only a piece of its northern tip is part of are district there is some population there. I have told you only about Tuolumne county because that's where I live and its under represented and rarely is fought over or given a passing glance by politicians of both parties. The Republicans think its there county and nothing can change that. The Democratic Party think the GOP is just to powerful and that this district is a lost cause. Both are wrong Find a strong Democrat and if he can get Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties and that little bit of Stanislaus that's in are district he can win.

Final Note: This is the longest Diary I've written and I hope its the best diary I've written. I myself have no Political Connections and I don't know anybody who does. Tuolumne County is a vary local place. Everyone knows each other. Its Got some crazy Republican Zealots, one of the Churches lots the local kids put on concerts were the local bands scream into the microphone and the drummer has a Mohawk. I check ActBlue weekly and of course every week I'm disappointed that there's no Democratic Candidate challenging George Radanovich. I've e-mailed the nearest semi-active county arm of the Democratic Party, The Calavares County Democrats, asking who's running against Assemblymen Dave Cogdill? And I haven't gotten a reply.

* Also if I made grammatical errors or part of a sentence is worded strangely, please try to forgive me, I went to Jamestown Elementary *

2008 election

    George Radanovich (R) ran unopposed.

2006 election

    Radanovich  (R)  91,863  60%
    Cox         (D)  60,459  40%

2004 election

    Radanovich  (R) 145,974  66% 
    Bufford     (D)  59,755  27%  
    Other            14,61   77%

2002 election

    Radanovich  (R)  88,336  67% 
    Veen        (D)  39,536  30% 
    Other             3,533   3%

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