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Bagram Airbase

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Bagram Airbase is a large airfield located about 40 miles north of Kabul, Afghanistan. Originally constructed by the Soviets to support their war effort in Afghanistan, the 840 acre base was expanded by the United States and now supports the large foreign military presence in Afghanistan. Bagram Airbase is also the location of a prisoner of war camp operated by the U.S. Military.

The prison camp has operated in secrecy since it opened in 2002. No one but the International Red Cross is allowed inside, and the roughly 500 prisoners are held in primitive conditions with no due-process rights whatsoever. Some of the prisoners had been captured by the CIA and held in its secret prisons before they were handed over to the Defense Department, and there is resentment that Bagram is being used as a dumping ground for the CIA's mistakes.

According to the New York Times' sources, conditions at the prison have improved since it opened, and abusive interrogation practices have mostly been eliminated. The U.S. has begun a $10 million project to refurbish an Afghan prison, so that most of Bagram's prisoners can be transferred to Afghan custody. Several hundred detainees have already been released in the last three years.

Stolen laptop computers from the U.S. military have appeared for sale at an Afghan bazaar. When MSNBC and others purchased these computers and flash drives they found all sorts of sensitive information:

Plus, more photos of tortured and murdered Afghans.

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