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Avoid anchor text

From dKosopedia

This is a wiki best practice originally noted at Consumerium under GFDL.

Anchor text is the specialized word or phrase that you place in a link instead of the name of the target article. You write it this way:

[[real name of article|the anchor text that the reader sees]]

You should avoid anchor text wherever possible. Keep page names easy to use in sentences so that it is not necessary, and so people can create links as they type, without thinking or looking up the bad names or improper capitalization.

common errors


legitimate uses of anchor text

There are a very few reasons to use anchor text instead of writing real name of article, and using that real name in a sentence? Several reasons are often cited:

use many redirects rather than any anchor text

There are several excellent reasons to avoid anchor text and to desire many redirects instead:

The Metaweb project has plans to create semantic web software to process the GFDL text corpus directly. The DailyKos:tag cleanup has similar ambitions, and would use the redirects to determine which are valid DailyKos tags, and which aren't.

At that point a lot of redirects will be very desirable, and a lot of sentences that use the real names of articles as simple noun phrases (usually concepts) and simple verb phrases (usually actions) and more complex phrases (like some advice), will be immensely useful in figuring out how these articles are used, and which to write next. Lots of odd anchor text on the other hand just encourages laziness in writing and says much less useful, and much less collective.

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This page was last modified 03:20, 25 October 2006 by Chad Lupkes. Based on work by dKosopedia user(s) Egmod. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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