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Australia is both one of the Anglo-Saxon settler states and an entire continent located in the South Eastern hemisphere of the globe. Approximately 7.5 million square kilometres in area, Australia is the most urban continent on the planet, with most of its population living in six urban areas. At the same time its population is not especially large. The population is 20.6 million The total number of Australians is only slightly larger than the total population living in the Indian city of Mumbai, a.k.a. Bombay.

The Commonwealth of Australia consists of six states and two mainland territories, located on the continent of Australia and the island of Tasmania, and also has sovereignty over a handful of offshore territories. The Commonwealth administered Papua New Guinea until 1975 and Nauru until 1968.


Political Elites

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Legislative Branch

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Subnational Units of Government

States: (in order of population size)


Offshore Territories:

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