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ACLU FOIA Releases

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There is a Table at the bottom, showing the size of each of these links, and what is being done with them at the moment.

FBI Documents (5/26/05)

FBI Documents (5/25/05)

Army Documents (5/18/05)

Department of Defense (5/6/05)

Army Investigative Files (4/21/05)

Defense Intelligence Agency (4/20/05)

Department of Defense (4/19/05)

Department of Defense (4/14/05)

The September and October Sanchez memos (3/29/05)

Department of Defense (3/25/05)

Department of Defense (3/9/05) (3/10/05) (agencies agree on "ghost" detainees)

Army and Navy records, investigations of detainee abuse in Iraq (3/7/05) (3/4/05)

Defense Department Documents (2/18/05) (2/16/05)

Army Records (1/24/05)

FBI (1/5/05) (e-mails of McCraw inquiry into detainee abuse in Guantanamo)

Army, investigations of detainee abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan (12/21/04)

FBI (12/20/04) (e-mails of FBI agents witnessing the use of "torture techniques" in Guantanamo)

Navy, investigations of detainee abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan (12/14/04)

Defense Intelligence Agency, State Department and FBI, (12/7/04) (detainee abuse by Task Force 626 in Iraq is reported, e-mails express concern about interrogation methods.)

Defense Department, Taguba report (10/19/04)

Office of Information and Privacy, Defense Department, Army and FBI, the Ryder Report (10/15/04)

There are approximately 21 groups of documents. Some have many parts. One has only one part, but the page numbering covers 2400 pages. To work out what to do, go to Tirge Caps excellent diary and read the instructions.

I detail these in the order they appear.

This table was last updated on 09 June 2005

Descriptor   ...Number of parts   ...coverage
FBI 5/25     1 part, 2400 pages   one reader
FBI 5/24     7 parts              no readers
Army 5/18    19 parts             17 covered
DOD 5/6      19 Parts             all covered
Army Inv,    1 part               covered
DIA 4/20     11 parts             no readers
DOD 4/19     14 parts             covered
DOD 4/14    ~12 parts             2 not covered
Sanchez 3/29                      read and summarized
DOD 3/25     13 parts             covered
DOD 3/9      14 parts, 948pp.     one reader
Army/Navy3/9 12 parts             covered
DOD 2/18     13 parts             covered
Army 1/24    ca. 50 parts         No one.  Would someone please number these?
FBI 1/5                           No reader
Army 12/21   ca 60 documents      Team of two
FBI 12/20    1 part               one reader ... urgent need for extra readers
                               ...FBI has issues with techniques they saw
Navy 12/14   1 part 60 docs       no reader
DIA 12/7     Big set              Current Team is two...your chance to join Meteor Blades
Taquba       105 docs             no reader
Ryder        70 docs              no reader 


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This page was last modified 01:20, 11 July 2006 by Chad Lupkes. Based on work by dKosopedia user(s) Phillies and Tirge Caps. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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