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Help the Happening Now Page. - As you scan the dKos Diaries be on the lookout for relevant diaries and post a link here to them. See bottom of page for directions.


Right Now

Events currently in progress as you read this page, such as internet polls or chats, or radio or tv shows.

This Month

Next Month

Upcoming Events in 2012

How to Add an Entry

(By which we mean an entry in the Happening Now Pages.)

  • Click [edit] Click the edit link in the box you wish to edit.
  • Expiration Date. Always put an expiration date or time on your entry. Clean up your entry at that time.
  • Be Brief or... If your entry requires a lot of explanation, create a separate page linked from a brief descriptive entry. Delete the page when it is over.
  • Clean up. While you are there, if you see an expired entry move it to Recent, or Happening Now Old or delete it.
  • Topping. Feel free to redate your entry and move it to the top, but not more than once a day. Avoid topping wars.
  • Graffiti. If you see a suspect entry - troll graffiti - either delete it or if you are unsure, post a diary entry for discussion. (Leave a linked note to the discussion so we don't get multiple diaries.)
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