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Put your suggestions for workshops for the 2004 DKos National Convention here.



There should be a variety of presentation types during the convention to take advantage of everyone's skills:

  • Hands on workshops
  • Panel Discussions
  • Lectures
  • Moderated discussions (along a topic line)
  • Informal Meetings (not scheduled but coaxed along)

Workshops Discussion goes on here

  • Hands-on, goal oriented workshops and relevant lectures
  • The history of blogging
  • The media and the Iraq War
  • Why do people participate in the DailyKos?
  • Scoop training
  • Organizing techniques
  • Legal Organization - Creating a PAC or 527
  • How to organize a political campaign
  • Adding a successful blog to a non-profit
  • Reaching out to volunteers and efficiently organizing
  • Effective Strategies For Media Message
  • George Farah - Open Debates
  • local politics, mechanics of politics (perhaps a regional workshop session?)

Party Direction





  • What would a grassroots Democratic Party platform look like?
  • What are the components of the Democratic Party? How do they work together?
  • Presidential nomination process reform. How is the nominee selected? What are the goals of the process? Should the goals be changed?
  • Relationships with Third Parties and Third Individuals
  • [From Kimberly Stone 11/15/04] This is, IMNRHO, the best thing we could achieve at this conference. I have been truly inspired by what I've seen other Democrats say on this Blog about why we're not winning, what we need to do to win. There have been exceptional remarks in many threads that touch upon both our purpose, principles and policy, and strategery to win elections. Our Kosvention Compact would incorporate all the other topics, and be basically our mission statement for what we as individuals do, what we might do collectively as Kossacks, and what we'd like the Democratic party to do. It'll be awhile yet (maybe 3 years?) before the Party Machinery actually votes on a new platform, but it's not too soon to start articulating these ideas, getting them out in the open, getting them to the grassroots. Finally, if we get a good Dem in as a speaker (Howard Dean?) then we need to present this to him/her as our list of reasonable demands. ;-)


Splitting Republican's the unholy alliance. How to drive a wedge between fiscal conservatives, corporatists and evangelicals. How to identify, discuss, and drive wedges. Examples evangelicals' position on privacy/abortion/birth control an anathema to fiscal conservatives.

Access to Justice

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

  • Election and Electoral reform - Ballot security - IRV


  • NCLB
  • We need to stop losing science and fact in the classroom.



  • More accountability on behalf of Fed. dept. toward the environment.
  • Focus on educating "the masses" on what they can do to change policy.

Health Care

  • HIV/AIDS education is falling apart due to the gag order imposed if an organization wants to receive federal funds.
  • "Just Health Care" -- The national health care program developed by The Labor Party


• Mass Media:

  TV:  Keep the Role of Opinion Makers  
  Radio:  Serching the Voice of America 
  Paper:  Front Page is Our Front Line 
  Magazine:  Marginal Invasion to the Home 
  Web:  God's Sent Media – Powerful than Ever 

• Public Relations: Integrate the Press Release for the Multi Medias

• Advertisement: How to Involve the Major or Minor Corporate

• Media Design: Persuasion without Words – "Politica Esthetica"

• Copywriting: Endless Power of Wisdom

• Media Security: Saving the Privacy Policy and the Rights of Journalism

• Community Media: Easy Direct Approach to the Local, Office, School Communities



  • Education on Islam and Islamic states - outreach to the Muslim community.
  • Faith-based iniatives and charities - the only charities that have received fed. monies are Christian. This needs to change.
  • Religious Democrats need to be seen and heard.


State/Local Issues

National Security


Foreign Policy

  • Should WTO, IMF, World Bank & NAFTA have advisory boards elected by people affected by their policies?

Homeland Security



  • Promoting accountability in the inspector general system
  • Improving officer training



Economic Outlook

Economic Policy


Labor Market



Private Pensions

Retiree Health Care

Social Security



(topics shamelessly stolen from Center for American Progress)


Could we bring in the Wellstone folk to do some activist training?

  • Elizabeth D:I would be interested in helping with panel discussions featuring dKos members and guests, and with other activities. elizabeth (at) qui-gonline (dot) org
  • MetaGator - I would be interested in a workshop as well. I am working on an idea to create a working group to focus on targeted messaging for a number of congressional races in 2006. MetaGator Antitheton at
  • [1]: I'm interested in helping coordinate/facilitate workshops/discussions. I ran for State House in MN this cycle, and will run again in 06. I benefitted greatly from the new progressive networking and capacity-building, and also suffered a bit from the lack of support in other ways. I'd like to strengthen our "bench-building" efforts across the board - both candidates and active citizens. I think there are enough resources in the dKos community to put together our own Camp Wellstone-ish weekend. Of course, as a Camp alum, I highly recommend it, too...
  • fabooj - I can help with speakers/workshops on LGBT issues and AIDS/HIV healthcare/education. I would be interested in a workshop on minority outreach/education.
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