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Frequently Asked Questions

Highlighted FAQ Areas/Rules for polite conversation-
I have written some diaries you may find useful-
Other Useful Diaries-
Here are some other Diaries that address the needs of new users-
Here are some older takes on what the well informed user should know-
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Hi, ek hornbeck here. Yes, that one.

For now this is just going to be an outline of a project I have in mind- to create a 'New Users' guide for dKos to supplement the existing FAQ.

What distinguishes this project from the FAQ is I intend to concentrate much more on how to work the controls as opposed to the more, ah, controversial topics of polite conversation.

Welcome New Users will be divided into short, specific, and separate descriptions of common dKos tasks like these-

Those of you who are familiar with my work will recognize some of these as topics I have addressed before. They will be revisited and rewritten to conform to current site design (though I think they have stood the test of time pretty well).

My target audience is users of less than 3 months experience, so things that only a Trusted User sees will not be covered, nor will there be much discussion of folksonomy at all.

This project was originally envisioned as a series of diaries, replacing the 'New Users Guide to dKos' diaries started by bhudydharma and continued by me. As I re-read my last version I came to the sudden realization that it was a great big honking load of material to try to cram into just one diary. It took too long, and a very important goal of that type of piece is to be friendly and encourage new users to ask questions.

So I'm going to tiny it up and post the permanent bits here with links to the original diaries.

Completion date? Right now it seems like a lot of work, I hope I've picked pieces of managable size. We'll see. It will also be my first major work in the dKosopedia interface, so while I'm pretty sure the links will go up quickly enough, the diary translations may take a while.

Will I accept help? Oh, all I can get.

ek hornbeck 10/18/06

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