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Talking about who would make a good President is worthless if you don't register to vote and then vote on election day.


How To Run a Voter Registration Drive

by kath25 Wed Jul 23, 2008

This is a diary about how to run a voter registration drive. Specifically, it’s about how I run the all-volunteer voter registration drive for the Travis County Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign. It is intended to help all of you set up your own voter registration efforts, whether it’s you and a friend on a street corner, or a group of eager individuals at a community event. Read it, print out the text, email the link, however you think it can help. The key is for everyone to start registering voters.

To conduct a voter registration drive, you need three things:

  • Volunteers
  • Locations
  • Supplies

I’m going to cover each of these three aspects below. In the coming weeks, my fellow voter registration all-star casperr and I will post a few more diaries to help you all get involved with voter registration.

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Call to Action: Register 1,000,000 Voters

by SaintCog Wed May 07, 2008

The following diary lays out a detailed plan for registering at least 1,000,000 voters in time for the general election through an online network of volunteers called This project has been in development since early March, when a group of socially conscious and politically progressive graduates of Yale Divinity School (who currently are spread out across the country) conceived it.

There is actually much more to discuss than what is covered in the present diary. In the following days I will post follow up diaries which will focus on the organization's egalitarian netroots power structure, how the service benefits people with disabilities, financial policies (including our forthcoming 501(c)(3) status), its immunity to legal challenges, plans and strategies for informing unregistered citizens of this service, as well as the occasional fun and interesting fact about voting and voter registration.

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Voter Registration Ideas Thread

by creweeny Fri May 16, 2008

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Frameshop: Voter Registration

by Jeffrey Feldman Wed Feb 23, 2005

QUESTION - Does the phrase 'voter registration' help or hinder current efforts by the Democratic Party?

ANALYSIS - Voter equality is a core value that The Bill of Rights guarantees and Democrats champion. At the time of the Voting Rights Act (1965), 'voter registration' was a rallying cry of grassroots organizers, an urgent need of the American public, and a key to Dem electoral success. While voter equality is still an urgent need, 'voting' and 'voters' has been muddied by two election losses and the Iraq War. 'Voting' now evokes questions of 'fraud' and 'intimidation' in the the so-called swing states, and 'voting' brings to mind images of Iraqis with ink-stained fingers. Neither of these issues advance Democratic Party efforts. Moreover, the urgent issue for Democrats in '04 was not 'voter registration,' but 'voter motivation.'

RECOMMENDATION - Democrats could be more effective if they switch their approach to voting from 'registration' ("Is a voter's name on the Democratic list?") to 'inspiration' ("Have Democratic ideas inspired a voter to stand with us?").

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DIY voter registration kit

by claude Sat Sep 11, 2004 at 12:47:05 PM CDT Do-It-Yourself Voter Registration Kit.

Your computer/printer as a weapon for change?

Well, I didn't know I (or anybody) could do this, but the Federal Election Commission site has a mail-in voter registration form, with instructions that can be used anywhere in the US. It's 33 pages, but all you really need is page 4, the actual form, and whichever page pertains to special instructions for that state. 2 pages, total. Print a bunch and get to work. You got a month.

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