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" It won't destroy civilization, in Europe they've been doing it for decades. "

How propaganda works:

  • Make it entertaining enough that people pay attention
  • Make it flattering enough that people want to believe it
  • Make it plausible enough that nothing prevents them from believing it

My stuff, favourites at top

Political spectrum

bitcher scale

Position: Creationism is Bad Mythology

Position: progressives should spread optimism and positivity

FACT CHECK: DDT ban killed millions‎

Position:Katrina media coverage was racist class warfare


Military retargeting‎

Worst people in American History



Projects FACT CHECK‎ | Fantasy Democratic Party‎ | Copying Critiques of Libertarianism here. So far: Inequality

To do, high priority:

Introduce essayspace to dkosopedia demographic determinism | FACT CHECK: Obama won because of demographics | code words | Examples of Republican hypocrisy on moral values | Republican Sex Scandals | Something about other countries and how we should learn from their examples, especially Europe.

Needs work, less important:

Position:Republicans are unbiblical on abortion‎ | Myth: Reagan won the cold war‎


Some nice thoughts on wiki writing here | FrameShop This looks good, I might focus on this instead of FACT CHECK. }

Use this:


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