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The 2006 House election and 2006 Senate election are scheduled for the same date as this U.S. gubernatorial election, 2006 for 36 governors. Also many state and local races are on the same date.

You can also find some good information about who is running at some external sites, for candidates and filing deadlines look at politics1. If you want to know about past a present money look at Open Secrets and if you want to know about corporate relationships see sourcewatch.org. The following is intended to provide more background and links within dkosopedia itself. Please link every name to its own article.


At a Glance


13 up for re-election


14 up for re-election


9 open

Janet Napolitano (AZ) Bob Riley (AL) Republican (AR)
Rod Blagojevich (IL) Frank Murkowski (AK) Republican (CO)
Kathleen Sebelius (KS) Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA) Republican (FL)
John Baldacci (ME) Jodi Rell (CT) Republican (ID)
Jennifer Granholm (MI) Sonny Perdue (GA) Democratic (IA)
John Lynch (NH) Linda Lingle (HI) Republican (MA)
Bill Richardson (NM) Robert Ehrlich (MD) Republican (NV)
Brad Henry (OK) Tim Pawlenty (MN) Republican (NY)
Ted Kulongoski (OR) Dave Heineman (NE) Republican (OH)
Ed Rendell (PA) Donald Carcieri (RI)
Phil Bredesen (TN) Mark Sanford (SC)
Jim Doyle (WI) Mike Rounds (SD)
Dave Freudenthal (WY) Rick Perry (TX)
Jim Douglas (VT)

Open Seats


         Mike Beebe     (D)  419,448  55%
         Asa Hutchinson (R)  308,728  41%
         Other 	              28,850   4%


          Bill Ritter  (D)  779,741  56%
          Bob Beauprez (R)  566,303  41%
          Other 	     38,861   3%


  • Governor: Jeb Bush (R) incumbent, term limited.
  • Democratic candidates:
    • Jim Davis (D) - U.S. Congressman. (cw)
    • Rod Smith (D) - Florida State Senator. (cw)
    • Glenn Burkett (D) (cw)
    • Carol "Grandma" Castagnero (D) (cw)
    • John Crotty (D) ([ cw])
  • Republican candidates:
    • Charlie Crist (R) - Florida Attorney General. (cw)
    • Tom Gallagher (R) - Florida State CFO, former State Treasurer. (cw)
    • Vernon Palmer (R)
    • Michael St. Jean (R)
  • Reform Party Candidate:
    • Max Linn (cw)
  • Socialist candidates:
    • Atlee Yarrow (Write-In) (cw)
    • Omari Musa</strike> (Write-In)
  • Independent Candidates:
    • Karl Behm (I)
    • Richard Paul Dembinsky (I) (cw)
    • John Wayne Smith (I) (cw)
  • Other write-in candidates:
    • Piotr Blass (Write-In) (cw)
    • Wilfredo "Papa-Roqui" Maneiro II (Write-In) (cw)
    • C.C. Reed (Write-In) (cw)
    • Bob Wirengard (Write-In) (cw)
  • General election results:
         Charlie Crist (R)  2,487,140 	52%
         Jim Davis     (D)  2,151,577 	45%
         Other 	              129,707 	 3%


  • Governor: Dirk Kempthorne (R) incumbent, retiring in 2006.
  • candidates:
  • General election results:
         C.L. Butch Otter (R)  235,729 	53%
         Jerry M. Brady   (D)  198,065 	44%
         Other 	                14,478 	 3%


  • Governor: Tom Vilsack (D) - incumbent, retiring in 2006.
  • Candidates:
  • General election results:
         Chet Culver (D)  565,199  54%
         Jim Nussle  (R)  465,451  44%
         Other 	           15,490   1%


  • Governor: Mitt Romney (R) incumbent, retiring in 2006.
  • Democratic candidates:
    • Deval Patrick (D) (cw) - former US Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.
    • Tom Reilly (D) (cw) - Attorney General and former Middlesex County District Attorney. Lost Dem primary.
    • Chris Gabrieli (D) (cw) Lost Dem primary.
  • Republican candidates:
    • Kerry Healey (R) (cw) - Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor amd former MA GOP Chair. Endorsed by Gov. Mitt Romney.
  • Green candidate:
    • Grace Ross (G) (cw)
  • Socialist Workers
    • John Hawkins (Socialist Workers)
  • Independent candidate:
    • Christy Mihos (I) - Businessman and former State Turnpike Authority Board Member. His family founded the Christy's convenience store chain.
  • General election results:
         Deval Patrick (D)  1,230,065 	56%
         Kerry Healey  (R)    779,807 	35%
         Other 	              197,044 	 9%


  • Governor: Kenny Guinn (R) incumbent, term limited.
  • Democratic candidates:
  • Republican candidate:
    • Bob Beers (R) - State Senator. (cw)
    • Melody "Mimi Miyagi" Damayo (R) (cw)
    • Jim Gibbons (R) - Congressman, former State Assemblyman. (cw)
    • Lorraine Hunt (R) - Lt. Governor. (cw)
    • Stan Lusak (R) (cw)
  • Green candidate:
    • Craig Bergland (G) (cw)
  • Independent American Party candidate:
    • Christopher Hansen (IAP) (cw)
  • General election results:
         Jim Gibbons (R)  277,855  48%
         Dina Titus  (D) 254,920   44%
         Other 	          47,316    8%

New York

  • cw = campaign website
  • George Pataki (R) incumbent, retiring in 2006.
  • Republican candidate:
  • Democratic candidates:
  • Green Party candidates:
    • Malachy McCourt (G) (cw)
  • Libertarian candidate:
    • John Clifton (L) (cw)
  • Right to Life candidate:
    • John Broderick
  • Socialist Worker's Party
    • Maura DeLuca (SWP)
  • Voice of the People
    • Bill Murawski (VOP)
  • Independent
    • Jimmy McMillan (Ind.)
  • General election results:
         Eliot Spitzer (D)  2,882,524 	69%
         John J. Faso  (R)  1,217,516 	29%
         Other 	               76,668 	 2%


  • Governor: Bob Taft (R) incumbent, term limited.
  • Candidates:
  • General election results:
         Ted Strickland       (D)  2,307,420  60%
         J. Kenneth Blackwell (R)  1,406,792  37%
         Other 	                     106,583   3%

Republican Incumbents


         Bob Riley   (R)  717,287  58%
         Lucy Baxley (D)  518,750  42%


  • Governor: Frank Murkowski (R) has lost the Republican primary.
  • Republican challengers:
  • Democratic candidates:
  • Other candidates:
    • Walter Dixon (Alaska Frontier Constitutional)
    • Don Wright (Alaskan Independence)
    • Billy Toien (Libertarian)
    • Andrew Halcro (Independent) (cw)
  • General election results:
         Sarah Palin  (R)  99,619  49%
         Tony Knowles (D)  83,640  41%
         Other 	           21,783  11%


         Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)  3,867,942 	56%
         Phil Angelides        (D)  2,701,989 	39%
         Other 	                      351,511 	 5%
  • Previous Elections
  • CA Pres Results
    • 2004: Kerry 55 / Bush 44
    • 2000: Gore 54 / Bush 42
  • Narrative
    • The state is nominally Democratic, having given its electoral votes to the Democratic candidate in the last two presidential elections. However, Schwarzenegger is not seen as a typical Republican, as he supports abortion rights and gay rights, and is much more secular than President Bush and the majority of the national Republican party. He was elected in a highly unusual recall election in November 2003: the question of recalling then Governor Gray Davis (D) was on the same ballot as who should be the new governor should the recall succeed; there were no primary elections; and there were over 120 candidates on the ballot. Under Schwarzenegger's tenure, California's budget deficit has ballooned, housing is less affordable than ever, a record 25% of the population says it is strongly considering leaving due to the high cost of living, the economy is still in recession in large parts of the state, community colleges and state universities are less affordable than ever, and a record seven million people are without health insurance. Regardless of these circumstances, Schwarzenegger enjoys a high level of popularity among Democrats and Republicans alike. As of July 2004, he has not stated that he will run for re-election but expectations are that he will. He can be expected to raise prodigious amounts of money and will be well supported by the national Republican party as well as President Bush. However, due to Bush's low popularity in the state, it remains to be seen whether or how much Bush will stump for Schwarzenegger's re-election. The Democratic contenders are : California's AG Bill Lockyer, who withdrew only a few days after he officially declared, State Treasurer Phil Angelides, a very traditional liberal lifelong politician and State Controller Steve Westly, fairly new to politics as one of the founders of Ebay and expected to run on his business experience but who could be hurt by his initial support of Schwarzenegger.
  • External links:
  • (see California gubernatorial election, 2006)
  • Daily Kos => CA-gov


  • Governor: Jodi Rell (R)
  • Challengers:
    • John DeStefano Jr. (D) - New Haven Mayor
    • Cliff Thornton (Green)
    • Scott Merrell (Independent)
  • General election results:
         M. Jodi Rell   (R)  709,987  63%
         John DeStefano (D)  397,745  35%
         Other 	              15,155   1%


  • Governor: Sonny Perdue (R)
  • Challengers
    • Mark Taylor (Dem - Lieutenant Governor) (cw)
    • Garrett Hayes (Libertarian) (cw)
    • William Arth (Socialist Workers/Write-In)
  • General election results:
         Sonny Perdue  (R)  1,203,173 	58%
         Mark Taylor   (D)    796,354 	38%
         Garrett Hayes (L)     79,823 	 4%


  • Governor: Linda Lingle (R)
  • Democratic challengers:
  • Green challenger
    • Jim Brewer (Green)
  • Libertarian challenger
    • Ozell Daniel (cw)
  • Independent chanllengers
    • Daniel Cunningham
    • Bradley Hara
    • Paul Mattes
  • General election results:
         Linda Lingle (R)  215,279  63%
         Randy Iwase  (D)  121,708  35%
         Other               7,282   2%


         Martin O'Malley (D)  875,352 	53%
         Robert Ehrlich  (R)  757,099 	46%
         Other 	               17,755 	 1%
  • Previous Elections
  • MD Pres Results
    • 2004: Kerry 56 / Bush 43
    • 2000: Gore 57 / Bush 40
  • Narrative
    • Maryland is another of the heavily blue states with a Republican governor, NY, MA, CA, and VT being some of the others. In those states however, the candidates each won with a decisive message, and a shrewdly run campaign. Ehrlich on the other hand, won simply on the ineptitude of his opponent, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. In 2002, Townsend ran one of the worst campaigns in state history, by betting completely on the turnout of Baltimore and the D.C. surrounding area. Even with this self-destructive policy, Ehrlich won with only 52% of the vote in a year in which republicans ran the table. Since his inauguration, Ehrlich has been plagued with problems. The democratic legislature blocked his plan to legalize slot-machines at race tracks, the centerpiece of Ehrlich's campaign. He also faces a budget gap of $550 million and no lack of prospective challengers. The top contender is Baltimore Mayor, Martin O'Malley. O'Malley is probably the dems' best chance. Even Ehrlich has admitted he would not have won had O'Malley thrown his hat into the ring in 2002. O'Malley would be able to bring back the Baltimore suburbs into the democrats’ column and make a more effective play upstate as well as increase black turnout in his native city.
  • External links:
  • (see Maryland gubernatorial election, 2006)
  • Daily Kos => MD-gov


  • Governor: Tim Pawlenty (R) (http://www.governor.state.mn.us/ governor's website) (cw)
  • Republican challenger:
    • Sue Jeffers (R) (cw)
  • DFL candidates:
    • Mike Hatch (DFL) (cw) won DFL primary.
    • Becky Lourey (DFL) (cw)
    • Ole Savior (DFL)
  • Other candidates:
    • Ken Pentel (Green) (cw)
    • Pam Ellison (IP) (cw) lost primary.
    • Peter Hutchinson (IP) (cw) won IP primary.
    • Leslie Davis (Independent) (cw)
    • Brian Taylor (Socialist Workers/Write-In)
  • General election results:
         Tim Pawlenty (R)  1,030,236   47%
         Mike Hatch   (D)  1,007,753   46%
         Other 	             166,017 	8%


         Dave Heineman (R)  430,578  74%
         David Hahn    (D)  141,091  24%
         Other 	             12,386   2%
  • Previous Elections
    • Heineman, as Lt. Gov., succeeded Gov. Mike Johanns when he left to join the Bush cabinet.
  • Narrative:
    • The Republican Primary is turning into an interesting race, as Osborne and Heineman are locked in a dead heat less than three weeks from election day. A recent poll from Pete Ricketts' Senate campaign has Osborne at 44% and Heineman at 43%, with Nabity at 6%. The recent dispute over OPS boundaries has become a big issue in the campaign now, with Heineman taking the side of suburban schools, and Osborne denouncing the plan to split up OPS into three racially identifiable districts. This may have cost Osborne support among more conservative Republicans, but chances are he already has Western Nebraska voters sealed up. It's a lose-lose for the Democrats, though, as both candidates stand to win in the general election. But if Heineman wins the primary, at least the race will be competitive.
  • External Links:
  • (see Nebraska gubernatorial election, 2006)
  • Daily Kos => NE-gov

Rhode Island

         Don Carcieri    (R)  197,013  51%
         Charles Fogarty (D)  189,099  49%

South Carolina

  • Governor: Mark Sanford (R)
  • Challengers:
    • Tommy Moore (D) - State Senator. (cw)
    • Jake Knotts (Independent) (bio)
  • General election results:
         Mark Sanford (R)   596,606   55%
         Tommy Moore  (D)   484,938   45%

South Dakota

  • Governor: Mike Rounds (R)
  • Challengers:
    • Jack Billion (D) - former State Representative. (cw)
    • Steve Willis (Constitution) (cw)
    • Tom Gerber (Libertarian)
  • General election results:
         Mike Rounds  (R)   206,996   62%
         Jack Billion (D)   121,241   36%
         Other 	              7,290    2%


  • Governor: Rick Perry (R)
  • Republicans
    • Rick Perry (R) Recieved 84.20% of the vote in the republican primary.
    • Larry Kilgore (R) Recieved 7.58% of the vote in the republican primary.
    • Rhett R. Smith (R) Recieved 4.63% of the vote in the republican primary.
    • Star Locke (R) Recieved 3.58% of the vote in the republican primary.
  • Democrats
    • Chris Bell (D) a former congressman, former Houston City Councilman & Attorney. Recieved 63.65% of the vote in the democratic primary. (cw)
    • Bob Grammage (D) a former Texas Supreme Court Justice, former Congressman, former State Senator. Recieved 28.63%% of the vote in the democratic primary.
    • Rashad Jafer (D) Recieved 7.72% of the vote in the democratic primary.
  • Independents
    • Carole Keeton Strayhorn (R => I), Texas state comptroller and the mother of White House spokesman Scott McClellan, is quitting the GOP run for governor as an Independent. Strayhorn is a former State Railroad Commissioner. (cw)
    • Kinky Friedman (I) country music singer. Campaign goal: "dewussification" of Texas. (cw)
    • Larry Camp (Independent)
    • Marcus Matthew Cherry (Independent)
    • William Gilbert Jean (Independent)
  • General election results:
         Rick Perry       (R)  1,714,618   39%
         Chris Bell       (D)  1,309,774   30%
         Carole Strayhorn (I)    789,432   18%
         Other 	                 580,053   13%


         Jim Douglas    (R)  148,501 	57%
         Scudder Parker (D)  106,788 	41%
         Other 	               6,391 	 2%

Democratic Incumbents


  • Prognosis: Safe Dem.
  • Republican candidates:
    • Len Munsil (R) (cw) won the GOP primary.
    • Don Goldwater (R) (cw)
    • Mike Harris (R) (cw)
    • Gary Tupper (R) (cw)
  • Libertarian candidates:
    • Barry Hess (Libertarian) (cw)
  • Independent candidates:
    • Roy Birnbaum (Independent)
    • Jamie Coulter (Independent)
    • "Pollock Jim" Kress (Indepedent)
    • Scott Malcomson (Independent) (cw)
    • Johnnie Robinson III (Independent)
    • Robert Winn (Independent)
        Janet Napolitano (D)  	727,739  63%
        Len Munsil       (R) 	405,456  35%
        Barry Hess II    (L) 	23,414 	  2%


         Rod Blagojevich   (D)  1,677,497   50%
         Judy Baar Topinka (R) 	1,332,755   40%
         Rich Whitney      (G) 	  349,128   10%


  • Governor: Kathleen Sebelius (D)
  • Challengers:
    • Jim Barnett (R) (cw)
    • Ken Canfield (R)(cw)
    • Rex Crowell (R) (cw)
    • Dennis Hawver (R)
    • Robin Jennison (R) (cw)
    • Tim Pickell (R) (cw)
    • Richard "Rode" Rodewald (R) (cw)
    • Carl Kramer (Libertarian)
    • Richard Ranzau (Reform) (cw)
    • Bob Knight (Independent)
  • General election results:
         Kathleen Sebelius (D)  480,532   58%
         Jim Barnett       (R) 	336,583   41%
         Other 	                 13,734    2%


  • Incumbent: John Baldacci (D)
  • Challengers:
    • Chandler Woodcock (R) - State Senator. (cw)
    • Pat LaMarche (G) (cw)
    • David Jones (I) 9http://www.jonesforgovernor.org/ cw)
    • Barbara Merrill (I) (cw)
    • John Michael (I)
    • Phillip Morris NaPier (I) (cw)
    • Bruce Flemming (Write-In)
    • Alex Hammer (Write-In)
  • General election results:
         John Baldacci     (D)    206,753   38%
         Chandler Woodcock (R) 	  164,514   30%
         Barbara Merrill  (Unr.)  116,966   22%
         Other 	                   55,515   10%


         Jennifer Granholm (D)  2,139,839   56%
         Dick DeVos        (R) 	1,606,058   42%
         Other 	                   50,552    1%

New Hampshire

  • Governor: John Lynch (D) (cw)
  • Jim Coburn (R) - State Representative. (cw)
  • Richard Kahn (Libertarian) (cw)
  • General election results:
         John Lynch (D)  298,206   74%
         Jim Coburn (R)  105,370   26%

New Mexico

         Bill Richardson (D)  373,926 	69%
         John Dendahl    (R)  170,352 	31%


  • Democratic candidate:
  • Democratic challenger:
    • Andrew Marr Jr. (D) lost in primary election.
  • Republican candidates:
    • Ernest Istook (R) - Congressman, former State Rep. (cw)
    • Jim Evanoff (R) (cw) lost in primary election.
    • Bob Sullivan Jr. (R) - Oil Executive and former State Energy Secretary. (cw)
    • Jim Williamson (R) (cw) Lost in primary election.
  • General election results:
         Brad Henry    (D)  615,973   67%
         Ernest Istook (R)  310,333   34%


  • Governor: Ted Kulongoski (D) (governor's website) (cw)
  • Challengers:
    • Ron Saxton (R) (cw)
  • Pacific Green candidate:
    • Joe Keating (Pacific Green) (cw)
  • Libertarian:
    • Richard Morley (L)
  • Independent candidate:
    • Ben Westlund (I) (cw). Westlund has dropped out of the election.
  • Constitution:
    • Mary Starrett (cw)
  • General election results:
         Ted Kulongoski (D)  652,279 	51%
         Ron Saxton     (R)  551,048 	43%
         Other                79,935 	 6%


         Ed Rendell (D)  2,431,974  60%
         Lynn Swann (R)  1,599,202  40%


  • Governor: Phil Bredesen (D) Democratic primary winner.
  • Challengers:
  • Democratic challengers:
    • John Jay Hooker (D) (cw)
    • Tim Sevier (D)
    • Walt "Combat" Ward (D) (cw)
  • Republican challengers:
    • Jim Bryson (R) - Republican primary winner. State Sen. (cw)
    • Mark Albertini (R) (cw)
    • Wayne Thomas Bailey (R)
    • Jim Boyd (R)
    • Raymond Brown (R)
    • David Farmer (R) (cw)
    • Joe Kirkpatrick (R)
    • Basil Marceaux (R) (cw)
    • Tim Thomas (R)
    • Wayne Young (R)
  • Green candidate:
    • Howard Switzer (Green) (cw)
  • Independent candidates:
    • George Banks (I)
    • David Gatchell (I) (cw)
    • Marivuana Stout Leinoff (I)
    • Charles Smith (I)
    • Carl "Twofeathers" Whitaker (I) (cw)
  • General election results:
          Phil Bredesen (D)  1,244,037 	 69%
          Jim Bryson    (R)    539,857 	 30%
          Other 	        30,195 	  2%


          Jim Doyle     (D)  1,136,726 	 53%
          Mark Green    (R)    976,275 	 45%
          Nelson Eisman (G) 	40,858 	  2%


         Dave Freudenthal (D)  135,389 	 70%
         Ray Hunkins      (R) 	57,999 	 30%

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