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Cleanup Jobs stay until completed in full

Please do not remove any completed portion of a job in progress. Jobs should remain intact on this cleanup page until they have been completed, and only then removed to the Archive and completed pages. (Note number 5 in Page formatting below.) If you don't have time to handle the move from cleanup to both the Archive and Completed pages properly and at the same time, please hold off on moving the jobs until you do.

Jobs are moved in their entirety to the bottom of the latest (active) archive page—the page is in order by job completion date, so if you're moving more than one job, make sure you move them to the bottom chronologically, even if they aren't in that order on the cleanup page. Do not remove any completion information from the text of the job; however, if the job's title had "done" added to it, that should be removed.

As for the completed jobs page, I've entered an explanation on the discussion/talk page there.

Let me know if you have any questions; I've written this section because my design of the completion/archives pages clearly needs same. — Sardonyx 08:11, 4 June 2007 (PDT)

I'm trying to wrap my head around the redundancy of recurring jobs and completed jobs. Also the various versions of an approved tags display system. As it stands, a diarist trying to select good tags could easily be confused. How do you feel about updating either the approved tags list or redoing the common tags list so that it functions like an approved tags list? (Just blue sky, here) CalifSherry 09:45, 11 June 2007 (PDT)

The reason there's redundancy -- at least, the reason why I built in redundancy -- is that recurring jobs won't necessarily stay recurring. For example, "Imus" was on "Daily" for a while, then demoted to "Frequently", and I removed him altogether a week or so back because diaries weren't being written about him. (I just checked: no new "Imus"-tagged diaries in the past couple of weeks.)
The recurring sections were designed to let us keep abreast of the most common tag errors made by Daily Kos diarists. We'll see half a dozen "Bush" tags in the average day; if it was left on the completed jobs page, we'd never stay abreast of them.
The completed page is designed to be a comprehensive list of those cleanup tags that have already been processed. If it's in the archive, it ought to be on the completed page. There's no chance of a forgotten deletion or addition from that page as tags move on and off the recurring lists. — Sardonyx 00:17, 12 June 2007 (PDT)

Sock Puppet Tags

Are these useful or should accusations of sock puppetry be limited to comments and discouraged in tags? Searching on 5/27/2007, I found 27 when searching on sock:

sock monkey (1) sock puppets (12) sock puppet (9) sockpuppet (1) socks (1) sock (1) woonsocket (2)

...and an additional 9 when searching on puppet:

puppetry (2) puppets (3) puppet (3) wingnut puppets (1)


I would delete all of these. Rule being to discourage that kind of editorializing in tags --SarahLee 21:21, 28 May 2007 (PDT)

Cheers and Jeers tags

(I moved this from the articles page)

While cleaning up Cheer and Jeers tags I noticed tags for snark and humor which I suspect should be removed but would like direction. PaintyKat

Also spotted other thematic tags like puppies, pooties, Katherine Harris, Suicide Prevention and various other tags that I also think should be removed. If this is the case, just let me know and I will take care of them. PaintyKat

IMHO, on a "real" Cheers and Jeers diary, then the only tag needs to be "Cheers and Jeers" --SarahLee 09:40, 14 May 2007 (PDT)

Page formatting

I'd like to propose some guidelines for adding jobs to the cleanup jobs page. Some may be controversial, so I'll try to explain my reasoning.

1) Place all new tagging jobs at the top of the page. That way they're the first thing everyone sees. Jobs that take a very long time to complete gradually fall to the bottom as other jobs are finished and removed to the completed page and archive. A good example: the "2008 tags" job, which will probably be ongoing until after the 2008 election. Heck, if we can't break Markos of the habit...
2) Don't include any entries that are singletons or doubletons. Since these are frequently "phantom" tags, too much time is wasted: yours in listing them, and ours in trying to fix them. By the time you've checked to be sure the diary exists, you're halfway to making the change yourself, so just do it. It's a more efficient use of everyone's time.
3) Preponderant usage to select the "official" tag: if the top two tags are within (say) ten percent of each other, there isn't a clear favorite. Let's have a discussion on the editor portal before the job is listed; there may be good (and other) reasons to prefer the one that's actually slightly behind.
4) I like what SarahLee's done in the "Preemptive" tags listing, marking the individual tags in a multi-tag listing as Done so no one wastes time on them by mistake.
5) If you finish a job, please enter an Update: below it with the date completed (and time, if you want) and your screen name. I like to leave completed jobs there for a couple of days before moving them off. Don't move them yourself unless you're sure you know how to both archive it and add the tags to the complete jobs page. If you find a completed job that hasn't been marked, just update with the date you noticed it had been completed.

If you can think of other guidelines, please add them; if you disagree with any of these, this is the place for discussion.

Phantom Tags

I'm seeing a lot of "phantom" tags that hang around in the various tags lists ( that are generated daily, despite these tags being deleted entirely. This includes ones we've specifically cleaned up -- for example, 1 "Barrack Obama" tag and 7 "Obama" tags are still showing up on the list even though no diaries show up when you click on the tag link -- and also the ones-and-twos we regularly clean up based on the list. Two examples of those: "2008 obama bayh pickler bias" and "obamba". (It isn't just Obama-related ones, either.)

The problem is that these get to be annoying when you're trying to clean up obviously erroneous tags on the list, but they aren't actually there when you try. I've now tried to clean up the same tags on three or four separate occasions because it's impossible to tell whether it's the same old phantom tag or a newly-created instance of a cleaned-up tag. Is there any way these phantoms can be taken care of permanently? —Sardonyx 15:18, 31 December 2006 (PST)

-I agree and have contacted ct about it a couple of times with no response. It is annoying and a time waster, but I have done what I can do. It might help if he heard from others. --SarahLee 11:53, 14 April 2007 (PDT)

White House

White House tag reappearance: This seems to be due to two factors:
  • A gradual accretion of new uses of the tag
  • The splitting of the tag "White House Press Briefing" into separate "White House" and "Press Briefing" tags.
Obviously, we shouldn't modify a tag so it becomes, in whole or in part, a tag that has previously been said shouldn't be used for that purpose. —Sardonyx

- I completely agree. Fixing one bad tag should not create another one. It may be we have some helpers we are not in contact with who don't know better. --SarahLee 11:53, 14 April 2007 (PDT)

Completed Page(s) cleanup

I'm planning, unless someone objects, to reorganize the completed items pages so that more frequently misused terms are closer to the top of the page. I'm also planning on expanding the "Daily Recurring Items" section on the main cleanup page; maybe into two sections, daily and frequently, so maybe 25 items are seen without having to go to the completed pages. — Sardonyx 10:35, 28 March 2007 (PDT)

Completed cleanup jobs pages reorganized just now. The first page is now a simple list of all completed bad tags and their good counterparts, loosely organized into sections: Bush-related tags, Proper Names, Election-related tags, and the inevitable miscellaneous page.
The second and third completed pages have been turned into the first and second Archive pages, where the completed jobs, as originally posted, with explanation and updates, is listed for the user to refer to. The first Archive page covers, in chronological order, completed jobs from 2006 through January 2007, oldest at the top and newest at the bottom, and should not be added to. The second Archive page covers February 2007 to the present; newly completed jobs should be added at the bottom.
As jobs are moved from the cleanup page to the latest Archive page, the important data—bad tag and correction—should be added to the completed items page: proper section, and in alphabetical order. I'll be happy to continue doing the moves. — Sardonyx 20:59, 13 April 2007 (PDT)

SarahLee says: Well Done! I just created these pages for you
 Tag:Completed Cleanup Jobs Archive Page 1 | Tag:Completed Cleanup Jobs Archive Page 2 | Tag:Completed Cleanup Jobs Archive Page 3
You cannot rename existing pages in a Wiki, you just have to create new pages with the name you want and then move data to those pages.
Create the pages by creating the links like above and then clicking on them. It really is that easy. Made an extra one for later expansion.
Deleting pages:
When the old pages are empty, you mark them for deletion. Do that by:
  • listing them on this page Candidates For Deletion and
  • going to this page Template:cfd, click on edit and copy out the code and paste that into the page you want deleted.
  • Remember that once information is moved from the old Completed Cleanup Job pages, then the links at the top of every Archived Jobs page and the main Tag:cleanup jobs page have to be updated, changed.
--SarahLee 11:53, 14 April 2007 (PDT)


I made a template for ambiguous tags at Template:AmbiguousTagCleanupHeader. I used it for the "House race" tag as an example. Any thoughts or ideas? —Abou Ben Adhem 08:18, 18 November 2006 (PST)

Not sure how helpful that is here since this page will change constantly as tags are cleaned up. - --SarahLee 15:20, 18 November 2006 (PST)
Well, the template's generic and can be re-used for any tag. The idea is that by cutting and pasting one line and changing the tag name, you automatically get a link to the relevant tag page, the text of the disambiguation page for the tag (which would presumably describe non-ambiguous alternatives to the tag), plus whatever general explanatory text you wanted to include. I thought this might save a lot of work, particularly because the page is so frequently edited. —Abou Ben Adhem 15:53, 18 November 2006 (PST)

Troll Tags

Do we need more than one? What guidance for junior librarians? What guidance for TUs? - CalifSherry 5/14/2007

While there are a number of empty sets (see below) plenty are still live. The big winners are

troll diary (1081)
concern troll (140)
trolls (126)
troll (119)

we also have

purity troll (22) and purity troll diary (3)
troll wars (17)
troll rating (16)

banned troll (1)
concern trolls (11)
fox news concern trolling (1)
green troll (3)
not a troll diary (4)
republican troll (1)
troll hunting (3)
troll ratings (6)
troll satire (3)
troll spam (1)
troll-rating (7)
trollhouse cookbook (5)
trolling (3)

Empty sets:
anti-semetic troll (1)
canadian troll diary (1)
clueless or troll? (1)
concern troll diary (2)
fucking troll (1)
garbage troll (1)
hellish troll (1)
not a troll (1)
scary troll (1)
spam attack troll (23)
troll attack (1)
troll bait (1)
troll hunters (1)
troll; take four (1)
trollish behavior (1)
zen and the art of trollery (1)
zombie troll (1)

Freeper Tags

I suggest we convert this group to freepers

freep this poll (4)
freeper diving (4)
freepers (103)
freeperville (5)
freeper (13)
freeping (11)
freep (44)

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