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Government would include all aspects of Election Administration.

We need to post clear information about the best uses of tag finder. There are possible uses for librarians and possible uses for diarists. Retrograde, would you post some starting text so we know what you had in mind?( CalifSherry: (5/5/2007))

I have just improved the index page, making better use of space with a two-column table and adding typical usage instructions for diarists. Notes about uses for librarians are probably best made on another page. (Retrograde)

Question: Do you want help with the specials? Do you have a process in mind?

Sure. Most of the People not yet classified should not be that difficult, using Wikipedia helps. Many of the non-people ones are harder but I'm getting through some. (Retrograde)

Question: Where in your taxonomy do you put war?

That's in Society: Conflict which may be getting large enough to be its own top-level category, as I've done for Economy, Environment and Health which were under Society. I could add a subcategory "Events" or "Wars" under Conflict for particular conflict name tags like Iraq War, World War II, etc. (Retrograde)

Question from retrograde: I think Society: Transport should be moved, but not sure which is more applicable for the way the tags are used: either Economy: Transport or Environment: Transport?
Both Transportation is a good example of a tag that appropriately sits in multiple categories. ~ CalifSherry 5/13/2007

Older discussion

1. Some of the top level classifications are themselves tags, e.g., Community, Government, Media, Events, Policy. Others are not, e.g., geography, people. Do we mean for people to select one or more from the top level and use it as a tag?

I wasn't intending that; I just put each tag in the category that seemed best. Just because a phrase is a category name does not mean it should be a tag name. (Retrograde)

2. Bumping up the grouping under Society might be useful (Arts, Conflict, Crime, Economy, Education, Environment, Health, and others...)

You mean make more top-level categories so Society is smaller? Yes, that makes sense for the larger Society subcategories. Too many top-level categories may just make the index harder to use, but we only have 8 now so there is room for a few more. I will promote Economy and possibly one or two other Society subcategories to be top-level categories for the next update, and we'll see how it looks. (Retrograde)

3. What is reassignment for habeus corpus? Secretary of Defense? The Nation? (There are a number of these.)

The "Special: To Be Reassigned" group (which I had named "Special: To Be Removed") are tags that should not exist at all on Daily Kos because they are misspellings, or alternative spellings of other common tags, or surname-only names. E.g. "habeus corpus" should be "habeas corpus." (done by CalifSherry. Knew I should have studied Latin.) These should not be confused with the "Special: Unclassified" tags (like Secretary of Defense, which should probably go under Government somewhere, and The Nation which I've just figured out is primarily a magazine, so I will put that in "Media: Magazines"). Please don't try to classify the "To Be Reassigned" tags, since they will disappear as tag cleanup jobs. (Retrograde)
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