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Based on recent discussions with Jeffrey Feldman we are going to remove "Frameshop" as the name for this section. Chadlupkes suggested that we move it to FrameTank, but I'm not sure the content matches. My recommendation would be to give it a different name, credit Feldman with the idea (since whoever put up the page originally clearly meant to do so), and then make the pages conform to whatever we decide is the most current style. (Liberal Thinking, 12:15 AM 4 Jan 2007)

Here are the previous notes for this page:

This page mysteriously disappeared on 4 June 2006. I restored it from my backup, but I probably do not have the most current version. If anyone has a more recent version, or can edit it to restore material, then please make an update when you get the chance.

Get in touch with some Indymedia type; there are ways of back-tracking through google cache. --BenTrem 20:39, 26 September 2006 (PDT)

I had trouble with the links when I sorted them in September 2006, but I traced this to a change in the references from "Frameshop" to "FrameShop". The capitalization fooled the system into believing these were all new pages. I changed it back to lowercase, although it would be more consistent to have all the names use the logotype.

Also, can someone tell me what "TNR Framing" is? This is a non-standard term.

It appears that these pages were originally established by Jeffrey Feldman. The trademarked name "Frameshop" and "Frameshop is open" mark probably belong to him. See for more details.

Change needed

We need to change these pages. Jeffrey Feldman was not involved in the creation of these pages, and he is objecting to the use of his Trademark. He has no objection to the work being done, only with the name of the project.

I would like to propose that we merge the Frameshop pages into the MemeTank or FrameTank pages. I will create a proper page on Jeff's work at Can I get help with this move? Chadlupkes 07:04, 3 January 2007 (PST)

Here is the email that I got from Mr. Feldman:
Chad:  Apologies for the delay in getting  back to you--New Years, etc.

You say "it would help a lot" if I would agree to let you use "Frameshop" on dKospedia.   I 
hope I have made it clear that "Frameshop" is a brand that I created and that is in active 
use on my website, in my consulting work, and in my print publications.  So, if you are 
asking me for permission for free use of that brand on dKospedia, the answer is "no."   

Having said that,  however, I'm not convinced I understand exactly what you are asking.  
So...hopefully, this will clear it all up:

In general, I feel that people should be free to turn a wiki resource into whatever they 
choose, following fair usage standards at all times, and that in turn the wiki should be a 
reflection of those who have done the work.   Appropriating another person's intellectual 
property without permission clearly is not fair usage.  Referencing another person's work 
with links and proper citations, by contrast, clearly is fair usage.

Given that, if you were to set up a dKospedia project called "Frameshop" and invite readers 
to contribute content under that title in that  section, I would not be happy with that 
decision since that is the exact  name of my website.  In this case, I would ask that you 
find a way to distinguish between a "Frameshop" page that talks about my work, and a 
dKospedia project on framing that invites people to  contribute.  

By contrast, if there was simply a dKospedia entry  that referenced my work at Frameshop--more 
of a standard wikipedia entry--that would be fair usage and I would welcome it.  Gladly!  I 
would only ask that if my work is cited that it be cited correctly and that those responsible 
for the dKospedia follow fair usage standards as they understand them.  

It's up to whoever runs the pages to make the call, since I do not participate in the 
dKospedia.  What I am happy to do in meantime is provide some basic information to help 
clarify what Frameshop is:

1)  Frameshop is an independent website owned and run by Jeffrey Feldman (the site is not 
called "FrameShopIsOpen" or "TheFrameShop" etc.)
2)  The URL for Frameshop is
3)  Frameshop content is often cross-posted to DailyKos.
4)  Frameshop is not a group project on DailyKos nor is there any plan to make it one.

One last thing:   keep in mind always that I am a TU at DailyKos. So my interest is in seeing 
all DailyKos projects succeed.

That should be enough information for you to run with.  


Jeffrey Feldman

On Dec 31, 2006, at 4:02 PM, Chad Lupkes wrote:

> Jeff, I'm not sure what you mean by a 'general wiki page'.  It would
> help a lot if you would agree to use that word on dKosopedia for our
> work, and put the link to your site and a disclaimer on the top of the
> page.  Something like "These pages are not affiliated with Jeffrey
> Feldman's website".  If that would work, it would
> mean we could focus on continuing to build the content instead of
> having to move the pages to new names.
> There is a LOT of work being done on dKosopedia, and it's great to
> see.  Some of the standards are a little odd, but they work.
> Please keep in touch, and let me know if I can help.
> Chad Lupkes
> SeattleWebcrafters
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