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Bush family members. Entries under each valid tag are variants which map to that valid tag. Entries under each ambiguous tag are the set of possible tags used by a disambiguation process.


Valid Tags

George W. Bush

  • george w.bush
  • george w bush
  • geore w. bush
  • president george w. bush
  • geroge w. bush
  • bush43
  • george bush ii
  • g.w.bush
  • president george w bush
  • g.w. bush
  • gw bush
  • geoge w. bush
  • geroge w bush
  • g. w. bush
  • goerge w. bush
  • non-president george w. bush
  • dubya
  • dubbya
  • dubia

George H. W. Bush

  • george hw bush
  • george bush i
  • george bush sr.
  • george bush 41
  • ghwbush
  • george h w bush
  • george bush sr
  • george herbert walker bush
  • poppy bush
  • g.h.w. bush
  • george h.w.bush
  • bush sr.
  • george h. w. bush

Barbara Bush

  • barb bush

Samuel Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush

Herbert Walker Bush

  • h.w. bush

Laura Bush

Jenna Bush

Jeb Bush

  • john ellis bush

Neil Bush

Marvin Bush

William Bush

  • bucky bush

Ambiguous Tags

George Bush

  • george w. bush
  • george h. w. bush

President Bush

  • george w. bush
  • george h. w. bush
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