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Supreme Court

Use: Supreme Court

Federal Agencies

Use "Department of Defense" and not "DoD" or "Defense Department"
Use "Department of Justice" and not "DoJ" or "Justice Department"
Use "DHS" and not "Department of Homeland Security" or "Homeland Security"
Use "FEMA" and not "Federal Emergency Management Agency"
Use "General Services Administration" and NOT "GSA"
Use "MSHA" and not "Mine Safety and Health Administration"
Use "OSHA" and not "Occupational Safety and Health Administration"


Supreme Courts

There does not seem to be any consistency in how state supreme courts are tagged. Example of two most frequent types of entries, one spells out the state and the other uses the state abbreviation:

Florida Supreme Court
TX Supreme Court

CalifSherry here, April 14, 9:37am pst. Option: spell out the state name, and ad supreme court, e.g. Florida, Supreme Court. Option: add state as a tag. Florida, state, Supreme Court. This would be consistent with Florida, state, legislature Florida, state, executive Florida, state, government

Option: combine state with legislatures, supreme courts, executives into single tags state legislatures (68) state legislature (36) state leguslature (1) state senate (73) state assembly (6)

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