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The Tagfinder is a hierarchical classification of the most common Daily Kos tags. See the Tagfinder index page for details.

The small raised number by each tag shows the approximate number of Daily Kos diaries that use the tag. This tag frequency information is updated periodically is not necessarily correct, but it is a useful approximate guide of tag popularity.

The contents of this page were generated by a computer program from raw data, so it is not a good idea to edit this page directly.

This Special category of the Tagfinder contains common tags that are not in the Tagfinder classification.

The People Not Classified category contains personal name tags that need classification. The Unclassified category contains all other tags that require classification.

The To Be Removed category contains tags that have other preferred spellings and should be renamed. These tags should not be classified.

Tagfinder Index:
Community - Economy - Environment - Events - Geography - Government - Health - Media - People - Politics - Society



Special: People Not Classified

Andrew Horne38 Bill Bennett41 Bill Kristol98 Brent Wilkes66 Brian Williams38 Bryan Kennedy53 Christopher King45 David Horowitz96 Douglas Feith100 Dr. Steven Porter41 Dusty Foggo49 Gale Norton39 Gloria Timmons42 Harris Miller99 Jack Davis33 Jeeni Criscenzo40 Jeffrey Skilling39 Jesse Jackson55 Jim Dean38 John Courage35 John Morrison53 John Solomon34 John Yoo72 Jonathan Tasini68 Kenneth Tomlinson31 Kerry Healey41 Kyle Sampson164 Larry Johnson35 Lawrence Wilkerson67 Lee Hamilton37 Leo Strauss32 Leonard Clark42 Marcy Winograd62 Marty Dunn30 Melissa McEwan36 Michael Ledeen67 Michael Savage42 Mike Caudle39 Mike Fitzpatrick54 Mitchell Wade44 Monica Lewinsky42 Paul Bremer67 Paul Charlton35 Paul Martin30 Richard Clarke72 Richard Cohen70 Rick Penberthy36 Robert Bork31 Robert F. Kennedy57 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.50 Robert Luskin33 Rod Smith33 Ronnie Earle41 Roy Moore32 Russell Tice37 Sam Seder39 Scott Ritter37 Sibel Edmonds102 Stephen Harrison41 Steve Laffey52 Susan Ralston31 Terri Schiavo90 Terry Goddard31 Thomas Paine36 Tom Fox32 Tom Friedman39 Tommy Thompson53 Tony Perkins35 Victoria Toensing38 William Kristol44 Zbigniew Brzezinski36 (71 tags)

Special: To Be Removed

2006 election81 2008 Election40 deaths41 Dobson41 Drudge35 Election 2006428 Elections 200692 hamdan50 Hawai`i73 Hitler75 Maliki40 Nixon43 NOLA56 Same Sex Marriage30 soldier55 U.S.78 US110 USA75 war in iraq97 Washington state52 (19 tags)

Special: Unclassified

56737 Able Danger41 abuse of power79 access to justice41 accident33 advocacy56 agenda100 amendment82 American95 American Dream37 Americans51 Amnesty63 Analysis32 anniversary43 apathy79 apocalypse55 apology60 appeasement29 Approval71 Armageddon50 arrogance42 astroturf83 attack59 Auction54 benefits30 birthday62 Blue Dogs34 Bullshit41 bullying50 Bush Doctrine58 CA-Prop 7735 Camp Casey77 Campaign 200629 Caucus41 CFR48 change82 charity109 Charles Darwin60 Checks and balances58 circulation40 civility60 Civilization31 Clean Elections46 coalition30 cognitive science30 Collapse31 commentary47 Committee on oversight and government reform44 common sense41 communication48 Congressional42 Congressional Black Caucus53 Congressional campaign37 congressional committees project93 congressional pages32 congressional races47 Constitutional crisis90 contractors85 Control44 Convention73 cooperation29 Coup47 Courage71 courts67 cowards31 Crashing the States50 CREW30 crisis57 cronyism258 Culture War91 daily94 Dead33 Defunding40 Democracy Bonds42 Democratic congress44 Democratic leadership44 Democratic Majority120 Democratic National Convention47 democratic primary45 denial76 Deregulation48 destruction36 development31 dictator39 dignity33 disinformation96 dissent176 diversion39 diversity64 domestic29 Dover37 due process30 Earmarks60 economic justice37 election day42 Election Day Live Blogging68 Election Irregularities 200674 election protection36 Eminent Domain68 empire92 energy task force31 espionage37 essay81 executive compensation31 Executive Power53 executive privilege51 exploitation47 Extremism37 Extremists44 Failure192 fairness31 Fairness Doctrine46 fantasy43 fearmongering41 Federalist Society35 Feingold-Reid38 finance65 flag55 fnord167 Future157 GAO83 GMO33 Grand Jury59 guerrilla marketing33 hacking30 hegemony41 Heritage foundation41 hero57 heroes53 hippies38 honor53 House Intelligence Committee42 House Judiciary Committee75 hubris31 humanity44 Hypocrite32 ideas44 identity33 Identity Theft43 idiot62 Idiots35 ignorance47 impact86 Impeach Bush41 incompetence275 Incumbents35 Independent53 Independents47 inequality87 information41 infrastructure77 initiatives34 injustice33 insanity78 Inspector General30 inspiration35 Institute on Religion and Democracy43 interest50 interview65 intimidation30 Investigation195 investigations91 Iraq Supplemental66 Irony76 issues129 James Comey58 Judiciary Committee36 K Street49 K Street Project44 Leadership247 legacy53 libraries36 library61 life85 logic36 majority55 marketing66 May Day35 meme82 Memes37 memo30 memorial76 memories38 message116 Messaging36 military commissions37 military tribunals49 militias57 millennials41 misinformation38 monopoly37 mothers32 movement32 mything the point125 netroots candidate43 network neutrality37 New Deal32 new world order32 New York State Senate56 News Corpse73 NIE122 non-profit31 nonviolence31 november32 NRO50 oppression32 Optimism35 Organizing128 Orwell52 Overton Window51 page35 pages37 paranoia45 Patriot30 Patriots for Al Gore40 people power49 Phase II39 plan49 platform89 Police State117 Political Correctness39 political philosophy50 Political Strategy56 Porn35 pornography33 Posse Comitatus43 power158 Predictions81 presidency76 presidential approval57 principles46 Progress36 progressive movement44 Proposition 8929 propositions43 prostitution60 protection35 psyops52 public financing36 public lands64 public opinion43 public policy37 Public Relations80 Quotes55 rankism36 Real ID30 reality76 recommendations80 recovery64 recruitment45 Red Cross38 red state96 redeployment54 reflection75 Reform Ohio Now68 regulation77 Research136 Resignation173 resistance46 resources43 Respect44 Responsibility91 Revenge34 revisionism34 revolution158 rhetoric136 riots42 Rule of Law93 sacrifice60 safety79 sanctions40 scam73 secrecy109 secularism30 Senate Intelligence Committee83 separation of powers135 sexual abuse35 sexual predators31 social justice71 spam64 special interests38 spin215 sprawl42 spy44 Spygate42 State65 state of denial31 states36 stolen election30 story37 Storytime39 stupid32 stupidity83 Subpoena60 supplemental61 support70 tactics94 talking points205 Tan Family49 Tax Reform39 threat35 timeline50 timetable71 Total Information Awareness50 totalitarianism39 traitor51 traitors31 transparency57 triangulation32 Truthout34 tyranny103 unconstitutional82 unity72 vacation39 videoblogging39 vision49 War Funding31 War Powers71 We The People37 webcomics104 WeDemocrats33 Wedge Issues50 White House Iraq Group50 Winning72 Witness236 World can't wait32 World War III77 WTF104 (329 tags)

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