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The Tagfinder is a hierarchical classification of the most common Daily Kos tags. See the Tagfinder index page for details.

The small raised number by each tag shows the approximate number of Daily Kos diaries that use the tag. This tag frequency information is updated periodically is not necessarily correct, but it is a useful approximate guide of tag popularity.

The contents of this page were generated by a computer program from raw data, so it is not a good idea to edit this page directly.

Tagfinder Index:
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society160 (1 tag)

Society: Age Issues

adoption53 baby boomers32 child abuse59 children377 generational issues40 kids35 parenting43 pensions55 Retirement54 seniors59 youth219 (11 tags)

Society: Arts

art277 crafts34 painting86 photo114 photography77 photos239 photoshop63 (7 tags)

Society: Arts: Culture

celebrity57 culture285 Pop culture60 popular culture30 (4 tags)

Society: Arts: Literature

198475 book review110 Da Vinci Code34 Fiction95 Science fiction53 writing72 (6 tags)

Society: Arts: Music

lyrics39 music686 Music Room9 protest songs31 song36 songs47 (6 tags)

Society: Arts: Poetry

haiku35 poem135 poetry570 (3 tags)

Society: Conflict

Air Strikes29 anti-war585 Band of Brothers136 Casualties408 ceasefire63 Civil War492 civilian29 civilian casualties30 civilians61 cold war86 Conflict52 Cost of War43 cut and run104 Darfur386 escalation534 Exit strategy83 Geneva Conventions306 insurgency178 Insurgents74 intelligence332 invasion72 Iran war39 Iraq civil war69 Iraq Debacle117 Iraq War4162 Iraq War Grief Daily Witness121 jihad38 mercenaries71 nuclear364 nuclear war61 Occupation323 peace1119 pre-war intelligence92 preemptive war70 quagmire122 school shootings119 sectarian violence33 shooting117 soldiers311 surge715 Tora Bora30 Troop Levels75 troop surge34 troop withdrawal69 troops507 victims37 victory169 Vietnam War54 violence294 war4645 war profiteering87 withdrawal449 World War I43 World War II154 (54 tags)

Society: Conflict: Atrocities

Atrocities45 Death Squads56 ethnic cleansing55 genocide322 Holocaust123 War Crimes587 (6 tags)

Society: Conflict: Detention

detainee29 detainees158 detention34 enemy combatants46 extraordinary rendition77 Guantanamo732 interrogation57 rendition190 Secret Prisons93 (9 tags)

Society: Conflict: Security

Airport Security83 border53 border security41 port security99 TSA88 (5 tags)

Society: Conflict: Terror

9-111887 al Qaeda749 Bombing55 Domestic Terrorism31 Ground Zero31 hostages71 September 1148 terror452 terrorism2072 Terrorist96 Terrorists237 War on Terror1538 World Trade Center83 (13 tags)

Society: Conflict: Torture

Abu Ghraib348 torture2661 Torture Bill53 waterboarding44 (4 tags)

Society: Conflict: Weapons

anthrax50 body armor69 bomb51 Chemical Weapons83 depleted uranium53 Guns237 IED53 missile defense40 missiles36 Nuclear proliferation87 nuclear weapons340 Nukes102 Uranium86 weapons97 white phosphorus92 WMD641 Yellowcake88 (17 tags)

Society: Crime

assassination89 child abuse59 cover-up170 crime201 Crimes40 criminal68 domestic violence82 Drug War70 Drugs219 Execution58 Gun Control214 hate crimes69 illegal113 indictment52 indictments222 kidnapping66 marijuana148 Massacre61 money laundering35 murder197 pedophile34 pedophilia40 rape198 Treason285 trial100 War Crimes587 War on Drugs221 (27 tags)

Society: Crime: Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement36 police154 police abuse33 police brutality38 (4 tags)

Society: Crime: Punishment

capital punishment70 Death Penalty276 pardon79 pardons29 Prison52 prisoners30 prisons77 (7 tags)

Society: Discrimination

affirmative action46 anti-gay31 anti-Semitism222 apartheid38 bias157 bigotry248 disabilities32 disability82 disabled50 hate crimes69 hate speech153 homophobia212 intolerance58 Islamophobia31 KKK40 Marriage Equality87 misogyny33 prejudice73 racial profiling29 Racism1136 racist78 segregation39 Sexism125 Tolerance84 xenophobia64 (25 tags)

Society: Education

academia61 Academic Freedom79 books427 college182 economics764 education1513 high school51 higher education47 learning172 math36 No Child Left Behind263 philosophy291 psychology181 public education37 reading67 scholastic34 school65 school shootings119 schools144 science856 sex education62 statistics811 student35 student loans118 students127 Teacher's Lounge83 teachers84 teaching663 tuition31 university58 vouchers39 (31 tags)

Society: Education: Institutions

Harvard41 Kent State36 public schools54 UCLA32 Virginia Tech336 (5 tags)

Society: Emotion

anger73 compassion76 fear330 Hate150 hope153 love108 outrage40 schadenfreude101 (8 tags)

Society: Ethics

accountability212 deceit45 deception102 democratic values55 ethics493 ethics reform52 evil122 fraud451 greed123 honesty44 hypocrisy464 hypocrites50 integrity94 liar87 liars90 lies1063 Lying75 media bias326 moral values39 Morality161 morals61 plagiarism75 Stem Cell Research187 stem cells347 trust31 Truth209 values393 Whistleblower185 (28 tags)

Society: Gender Issues

domestic violence82 feminism244 gender125 misogyny33 NOW37 rape198 Reproductive Rights199 Sexism125 women347 women's health32 Women's Issues53 women's rights133 (12 tags)

Society: History

1960s40 American history30 Civil War492 history941 History for Kossacks53 Holocaust123 Reconstruction77 slavery161 (8 tags)

Society: Holidays

April Fool's Day56 Christmas447 Easter48 Fourth of July28 Halloween62 Holiday45 holidays102 Independence Day41 Memorial Day83 Mother's Day47 Thanksgiving159 Veterans' Day37 War on Christmas196 (13 tags)

Society: Human Rights

Amnesty International72 capital punishment70 Civil Liberties417 civil rights625 civil unions104 Death Penalty276 discrimination176 Equal Rights52 equality143 gay rights474 Geneva Conventions306 human rights581 Human Rights Campaign38 human trafficking66 NAACP120 rendition190 rights177 slavery161 sweatshops119 (19 tags)

Society: Immigration

Citizenship65 guest workers43 H-1B65 human trafficking66 ICE32 illegal aliens30 illegal immigrants31 Illegal Immigration141 immigrants71 immigration1875 immigration reform65 LPR31 Minutemen51 refugees107 visa33 (15 tags)

Society: Languages

English45 language168 Spanish36 (3 tags)

Society: Law

ABA69 International Law70 Justice342 law277 laws29 legal41 martial law71 Perjury72 (8 tags)

Society: Law: Civil Law

42 U.S.C. 198334 civil justice51 contracts153 lawsuit54 Lawsuits37 tort deform76 tort reform143 (7 tags)

Society: Liberties

ACLU285 Censorship514 data mining100 Flag burning100 free press57 Free Speech392 freedom449 freedom of speech136 freedom of the press62 Guns237 Habeas Corpus419 liberty187 NRA90 Phone Records41 privacy381 religious freedom31 rights177 security366 warrantless searches39 (19 tags)

Society: Liberties: Surveillance

Big Brother59 domestic spying673 Domestic Surveillance65 eavesdropping76 illegal wiretapping45 illegal wiretaps34 NSA spying82 NSA surveillance35 NSA Wiretapping44 spying606 surveillance216 warrantless surveillance75 warrantless wiretapping129 warrantless wiretaps51 wiretap95 wiretapping404 Wiretaps401 (17 tags)

Society: Marriage

divorce42 FMA41 gay marriage671 marriage272 marriage amendment35 Marriage Equality87 Same-sex Marriage103 (7 tags)

Society: Race

African Americans194 Arab41 Arabs56 Black55 Black Kos36 Blacks29 hispanic46 Hispanics41 Jewish61 Jews111 kurds105 Latino43 Latinokos31 Latinos47 Macaca143 NAACP120 Native Americans133 (17 tags)

Society: Recreation

entertainment128 gambling54 Garden Blogging125 hunting84 hunting accident44 Poker28 video games40 (7 tags)

Society: Recreation: Sports

baseball190 basketball42 football147 NCAA39 NFL68 Olympics40 soccer56 Sports177 Super Bowl45 World Cup71 (10 tags)

Society: Religion

Atheism169 Bible141 Buddhism28 Catholic47 catholic church81 Catholic League32 Catholics46 Christian173 Christian Coalition61 Christian Right297 Christianity373 Christians232 Christmas447 Church94 church and state115 Creationism192 Easter48 Evangelical45 evangelicals168 faith190 God242 IDC52 intelligent design307 Intelligent Design Creationism31 Islam415 Jesus183 Jesus Christ47 Jewish61 Jews111 jihad38 Judaism67 Mormon43 Muslim104 Muslims143 prayer49 rapture39 religion1738 religious freedom31 Satan36 sectarian violence33 separation of church and state149 Shia90 Shiite106 shiites66 spirituality53 Sunni186 sunnis63 Vatican31 War on Christmas196 Westboro Baptist Church29 (50 tags)

Society: Science

Evolution361 intelligent design307 IPCC40 Marine Life Series46 Science Friday111 solar138 Stem Cell Research187 (7 tags)

Society: Science: Fiction

Science fiction53 star trek32 (2 tags)

Society: Science: Space

NASA144 Pluto31 Space73 (3 tags)

Society: Sexual Orientation

bisexual40 don't ask don't tell49 FMA41 gay688 gay marriage671 gay rights474 gays179 GLBT236 homophobia212 homosexual44 Homosexuality150 lesbian160 LGBT208 Same-sex Marriage103 sexuality45 transgender84 (16 tags)

Society: Sociology

Demographics117 population44 sociology32 (3 tags)

Society: Technology

Apple57 computers50 data mining100 electronic voting188 Internet449 Linux47 Microsoft68 NASA144 Slashdot32 stem cells347 technology289 video383 (12 tags)

Society: Welfare

ACORN34 adoption53 child abuse59 children377 Common good74 compassion76 families47 family206 housing225 hunger80 income77 income inequality45 kids35 living wage54 parenting43 pensions55 poor64 poverty634 Social Security299 wealth96 welfare66 (21 tags)

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