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The Tagfinder is a hierarchical classification of the most common Daily Kos tags. See the Tagfinder index page for details.

The small raised number by each tag shows the approximate number of Daily Kos diaries that use the tag. This tag frequency information is updated periodically is not necessarily correct, but it is a useful approximate guide of tag popularity.

The contents of this page were generated by a computer program from raw data, so it is not a good idea to edit this page directly.

Tagfinder Index:
Community - Economy - Environment - Events - Geography - Government - Health - Media - People - Politics - Society



Autism83 breast cancer38 cancer248 circumcision65 disability201 Disease30 doctors29 health506 health care1908 HPV58 Lancet37 Medical31 medicine122 National Nurses Organizing Committee42 nurses89 obesity57 OSHA32 pesticides34 pharmaceutical industry57 pharmaceuticals34 prescription drugs138 PTSD368 public health66 Stem Cell Research187 stem cells347 Toxins51 Vaccine48 (29 tags)

Health: Death

death266 funeral40 grief540 Obituary36 Tragedy33 (5 tags)

Health: Finance

health insurance467 Health Savings Accounts41 HMO36 Medicaid134 Medicare361 Medicare Part D163 Single Payer Health Insurance261 uninsured53 universal health care385 (10 tags)

Health: Food

food387 Nutrition29 organic49 recipes157 vegetarianism30 VMD56 What's for Dinner47 (7 tags)

Health: Food: Safety

food safety85 Melamine61 (2 tags)

Health: Institutions

Army Medical Center90 Hospitals28 Walter Reed225 (3 tags)

Health: Mental Health

Depression81 mental health119 mental illness74 suicide129 (4 tags)

Health: Pandemics

Avian Flu247 Flu53 H5N160 influenza37 pandemic72 pandemic preparedness68 (6 tags)

Health: Reproductive Health

abortion1299 abstinence93 AIDS213 anti-choice34 birth control65 choice136 contraception82 emergency contraception41 HIV98 NARAL59 NOW37 Plan B84 Planned Parenthood70 pro-choice146 pro-life104 Reproductive Rights199 Roe v. Wade226 Sex225 sex education62 women's health32 (20 tags)

Health: Substances

Addiction73 alcohol52 alcoholism49 beer38 Cocaine33 Drug War70 Drugs219 marijuana148 medical marijuana40 smoking70 tobacco65 (11 tags)

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