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The small raised number by each tag shows the approximate number of Daily Kos diaries that use the tag. This tag frequency information is updated periodically is not necessarily correct, but it is a useful approximate guide of tag popularity.

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Government353 (1 tag)

Government: Departments

CIA1320 Department of Defense206 Department of Homeland Security62 Department of Justice470 Department of the Interior46 DHS144 EPA246 FBI383 FCC172 FDA272 FEC138 FEMA480 Homeland Security469 HUD38 ICE32 IRS155 Justice342 NASA144 NSA1893 OSHA32 Pentagon427 SEC34 Secret Service46 State Department153 USDA59 (25 tags)

Government: Documents

Bill of Rights203 Declaration of Independence88 Downing Street Memo78 TABOR103 (4 tags)

Government: Documents: Constitution

Constitution1520 constitutional amendment66 First Amendment391 Fourth Amendment172 Second Amendment95 (5 tags)

Government: Documents: History

forgotten founding fathers47 founding fathers65 (2 tags)

Government: Documents: Treaties

CAFTA78 Geneva Conventions306 NAFTA169 (3 tags)

Government: Executive

Attorney General155 Commander In Chief32 executive31 Governor834 President3085 Unitary Executive234 Vice President108 (7 tags)

Government: Executive: Administrations

administration55 Bush Administration2736 Bush Regime307 (3 tags)

Government: Fiscal

appropriations88 Budget496 budget cuts58 deficit251 estate tax138 Federal Reserve111 fiscal responsibility35 funding324 gas tax35 pork83 Spending87 Tax122 tax cuts240 Tax policy45 taxes701 trade deficit57 (16 tags)

Government: Judicial

judiciary104 SCOTUS327 Senate Judiciary Committee146 Supreme Court1553 U.S. Attorneys1152 (5 tags)

Government: Judicial: Supreme Court Cases

Hamdan v. Rumsfeld78 Roe v. Wade226 (2 tags)

Government: Legislative

100 Hours69 109th Congress28 110th Congress174 Congress4503 House2668 House of Representatives401 legislature72 Senate4560 State House44 state legislature39 state legislatures75 State Senate84 (12 tags)

Government: Legislative: Acts

42 U.S.C. 198334 1872 Mining Act30 Employee Free Choice Act73 Endangered Species Act46 Energize America154 FISA543 FOIA78 HAVA41 legislation172 Military Commissions Act145 No Child Left Behind263 PATRIOT Act561 Torture Bill53 Voting Rights Act62 (14 tags)

Government: Legislative: Resolutions

AUMF77 HR 160632 HR 443731 IWR49 non-binding resolution32 resolution68 (6 tags)

Government: Military

Air Force62 Army359 Army Medical Center90 AUMF77 Defense116 Defense Contractors35 Department of Defense206 don't ask don't tell49 draft221 intelligence332 marines220 martial law71 Military1331 military industrial complex81 National Guard184 NATO99 Navy90 Secretary of Defense43 soldiers311 Troop Levels75 troops507 U.S. Army34 U.S. Military112 US Army30 US Military62 (25 tags)

Government: Military: Bases

Guam23 Guantanamo732 permanent bases31 (3 tags)

Government: Military: International

IDF33 (1 tag)

Government: Military: Veterans Issues

IAVA36 veterans949 Veterans Administration174 Veterans Affairs60 Veterans for a Secure America80 Veterans for Peace32 VoteVets45 (7 tags)

Government: Policy

Economic Policy51 Energy Policy209 Gun Control214 National Security517 policy233 privatization232 Reproductive Rights199 Social Security299 Tax policy45 taxes701 War on Drugs221 (11 tags)

Government: Policy: Foreign Policy

diplomacy222 Foreign Policy651 international relations30 (3 tags)

Government: Positions

Majority Leader49 Secretary of Defense43 Secretary of State92 Speaker of the House45 (4 tags)

Government: Processes

accountability212 Censure361 Cloture47 confirmation44 Congressional Oversight36 election reform191 electoral college53 Filibuster655 gerrymandering81 Hearings71 Impeach353 impeachment2519 nuclear option64 oversight246 Recall38 recount108 redistricting171 reform242 signing statements215 Special Election140 term limits32 veto237 (22 tags)

Government: Processes: Cooperation

bipartisan40 bipartisanship79 compromise39 partisan33 partisanship82 (5 tags)

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