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The Tagfinder is a hierarchical classification of the most common Daily Kos tags. See the Tagfinder index page for details.

The small raised number by each tag shows the approximate number of Daily Kos diaries that use the tag. This tag frequency information is updated periodically is not necessarily correct, but it is a useful approximate guide of tag popularity.

The contents of this page were generated by a computer program from raw data, so it is not a good idea to edit this page directly.

Tagfinder Index:
Community - Economy - Environment - Events - Geography - Government - Health - Media - People - Politics - Society



global32 international45 maps48 world47 (4 tags)

Geography: Political

Geography: Political: International Governance

European Union113 G838 IMF30 International Law70 NATO99 United Nations655 World Bank102 (7 tags)

Geography: Political: Major Oil Exporters

Canada574 Iran4082 Iraq18569 Kuwait21 Libya41 Mexico371 Nigeria50 Norway25 Russia343 Saudi Arabia265 UAE210 Venezuela190 (12 tags)

Geography: Political: OECD Members

Australia110 Canada574 Denmark35 France234 Germany143 Ireland29 Italy93 Japan150 Korea51 Mexico371 Netherlands29 New Zealand34 Norway25 Poland39 South Korea42 Spain40 Sweden25 Turkey134 UK439 United States229 (20 tags)

Geography: Region

Geography: Region: Africa

Africa240 Darfur386 Egypt81 Ethiopia67 Libya41 Niger178 Nigeria50 Rwanda29 Somalia155 South Africa33 Sudan231 (11 tags)

Geography: Region: Americas

America398 Argentina43 Bolivia38 Brazil61 Canada574 Chile58 Colombia39 Cuba173 Guatemala33 Latin America116 Mexico371 Nicaragua40 Oaxaca31 Panama13 Peru28 South104 South America31 United States229 Venezuela190 (19 tags)

Geography: Region: Asia

Afghanistan1143 Asia42 Bangladesh33 China660 India207 Indonesia39 Japan150 Korea51 North Korea445 Pakistan397 Russia343 South Korea42 Taiwan41 Tora Bora30 Vietnam584 (15 tags)

Geography: Region: Europe

British46 Denmark35 England39 Europe169 European Union113 France234 Germany143 Ireland29 Italy93 Kosovo38 London43 Netherlands29 Norway25 Poland39 Russia343 Soviet Union44 Spain40 Sweden25 UK439 Ukraine30 (20 tags)

Geography: Region: Middle East

Abu Ghraib348 Baghdad310 Beirut33 Dubai192 Fallujah81 Gaza156 green zone52 Haditha185 Iran4082 Iran war39 Iraq18569 Iraq civil war69 Iraq Debacle117 Iraq War4162 Israel2858 Jordan66 Kurdistan46 kurds105 Kuwait21 Lebanon1236 Middle East1077 Palestine980 Palestinians175 Persian Gulf55 Qana39 Saudi Arabia265 Syria468 Turkey134 UAE210 West Bank61 (30 tags)

Geography: Region: Pacific

Australia110 Guam23 New Zealand34 (3 tags)

Geography: Region: Polar

Antarctica9 Arctic27 Greenland10 (3 tags)

Geography: USA

Geography: USA: Cities

Atlanta46 Austin55 Baltimore36 Boston73 Brooklyn49 Chicago257 Colorado Springs48 Crawford95 Dallas40 Denver96 Detroit54 Hollywood71 Houston40 Las Vegas51 Los Angeles83 Miami42 New Orleans915 New York City208 NYC137 Philadelphia77 Portland41 San Diego59 San Francisco163 Seattle88 Washington DC282 (25 tags)

Geography: USA: Regions

Gulf Coast74 Orange County45 the South46 Upstate New York39 (4 tags)

Geography: USA: States

Alabama207 Alaska124 Arizona421 Arkansas76 California1344 Colorado501 Connecticut968 Delaware85 Florida926 Georgia294 Hawaii175 Idaho98 Illinois361 Indiana242 Iowa319 Kansas233 Kentucky177 Louisiana284 Maine169 Maryland640 Massachusetts254 Michigan648 Minnesota439 Mississippi151 Missouri257 Montana377 Nebraska214 Nevada317 New Hampshire333 New Jersey452 New Mexico229 New York681 North Carolina334 North Dakota34 Ohio1350 Oklahoma125 Oregon384 Pennsylvania559 Rhode Island176 South Carolina121 South Dakota232 Tennessee307 Texas974 Utah186 Vermont189 Virginia1228 Washington324 West Virginia179 Wisconsin367 Wyoming93 (50 tags)

Geography: USA: Territories

CNMI124 Guam23 Guantanamo732 Marianas36 Saipan58 (5 tags)

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