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The Tagfinder is a hierarchical classification of the most common Daily Kos tags. See the Tagfinder index page for details.

The small raised number by each tag shows the approximate number of Daily Kos diaries that use the tag. This tag frequency information is updated periodically is not necessarily correct, but it is a useful approximate guide of tag popularity.

The contents of this page were generated by a computer program from raw data, so it is not a good idea to edit this page directly.

Tagfinder Index:
Community - Economy - Environment - Events - Geography - Government - Health - Media - People - Politics - Society



An Inconvenient Truth315 ANWR169 carbon48 carbon dioxide57 carbon emissions24 climate92 climate change884 conservation223 earth54 Earth Day48 ecology166 endangered species47 environment2345 environmentalism79 EPA246 Extinction43 Fire21 forests35 global climate change29 global warming2301 greenhouse gases60 Greenpeace33 IPCC40 Kyoto67 Kyoto Protocol28 national parks37 nature42 oceans40 Pollution245 recycling44 sustainability123 Toxins51 Waste59 water166 wilderness31 wind88 (36 tags)

Environment: Agriculture

agriculture177 Farming48 hemp38 organic49 pesticides34 Rural60 USDA59 (7 tags)

Environment: Animals

animal rights49 Animals74 bees31 Birds35 cats63 dogs81 endangered species47 Endangered Species Act46 Pet Food30 Pet Food Recall88 Pets97 Pooties82 wildlife33 (13 tags)

Environment: Disasters

climate crisis80 disaster99 disaster preparedness45 Drought42 Earthquakes50 emergency preparedness32 FEMA480 Hurricane Ivan30 Hurricane Katrina2048 Hurricane Rita65 Hurricane Wilma44 Katrina blog project105 levees75 tsunami32 (14 tags)

Environment: Energy

100$ oil34 alternative energy159 alternative fuels52 Biodiesel83 biofuels86 coal187 electricity80 Energize America154 energy1367 energy efficiency67 energy independence81 Energy Policy209 ethanol139 fossil fuels44 fuel47 gas215 gas prices236 gas tax35 gasoline69 Hybrid Vehicles71 hydrogen37 IAEA55 natural gas88 nuclear364 nuclear energy56 Nuclear Power113 Oil1454 oil prices30 OPEC33 peak oil274 radioactive waste47 renewable energy148 solar138 Solar Power42 sustainable energy action130 Uranium86 wind power90 (37 tags)

Environment: Energy: Companies

Big Oil153 BP35 Chevron38 Enron201 Exxon101 ExxonMobil81 oil companies31 (7 tags)

Environment: Mining

1872 Mining Act30 coal187 Mining47 Sago36 (4 tags)

Environment: Transport

airlines58 Airport Security83 Amtrak32 Auto Industry32 automobiles55 cars77 electric cars41 FAA35 Ford Motor Co.80 GM60 Hybrid Vehicles71 Hybrids37 passenger rail24 Port32 port security99 ports178 public transportation18 rail16 SUV31 trains31 Trans Texas Corridor30 transit strike39 Transportation189 travel76 TSA88 vehicles32 (26 tags)

Environment: Weather

Hurricane35 hurricanes83 Hurricanes Atlantic35 tornado27 weather95 (5 tags)

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