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The Tagfinder is a hierarchical classification of the most common Daily Kos tags. This is the Tagfinder index page.

The top-level categories and their major subcategories are:

Diary Series, Events, Humor, Meta, Region, Support
Banking, Class, Corporations, Employment, Home Economics, Housing, Trade
Agriculture, Animals, Disasters, Energy, Mining, Transport, Weather
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Political, Region, USA
Departments, Documents, Executive, Fiscal, Judicial, Legislative, Military, Policy, Processes
Death, Finance, Food, Institutions, Mental Health, Pandemics, Reproductive Health, Substances
Advertising, Blogs, Books, Films, Intellectual Property, Internet, Labels, and others...
Activists, Arts, Business, Famous, International, Judicial, Media, Military, Political, Politicians, Religion
Activism, Campaigns, Conspiracy, Elected Offices, Finance, Groups, International, Labels, Local, Parties, Polling, Scandals, Strategy, Theory, Voting
Arts, Conflict, Crime, Education, Law and others...

How to use the Tagfinder - for diary writers: the Tagfinder can help you find the most appropriate common tags for your diary. You may still need to use tags not classified in the Tagfinder. The first step is to find the category (or categories) that apply best to your diary, and then find the tags in that category that suit the diary. To avoid confusion between categories and tags, note that categories are headings while tags have a frequency attached showing how many diaries have used them. For example, Politics: Activism is a category and activism1070 indicates the tag activism is attached to more than a thousand diaries.

So far, more than 2500 of the most common tags are included. This is a large majority of the 2900+ tags that are used by 30 or more Daily Kos diaries. Some tags are given more than one classification. The tags which are used by 30+ diaries but are not yet classified can be found on the Special category page.

The Tagfinder is maintained by Daily Kos user Retrograde, and was last updated on 17 May 2007.

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