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Run by billionaire Richard Scaife’s daughter, Jennie Scaife, the foundation awards grants to a variety of organizations that “support and develop programs that strengthen families, address issues surrounding the health and welfare of women and children, promote animal welfare, and that demonstrate the beneficial interaction between humans and animals.”

Past SFF Right-Wing Grant Recipients, cumulative grant amounts

Accuracy in Media, Inc., $15,000
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Public Policy, $465,000
Allegheny Institute for Public Policy, $285,000
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, $590,000
American Family Foundation, $510,000
Center for Individual Rights, $189,000
Collegiate Network, Inc., $600,000
Competitive Enterprise Institute, $350,000
Competitive Enterprise Institute, $350,000
Equal Opportunity Foundation, $175,000
Free Congress Foundation, Inc., $400,000
Heritage Foundation, $702,640
Hudson Institute, $221,000
Independent Women’s Forum, $100,000
Institute for American Values, $580,000
Institute for Justice, $35,000
Intercollegiate Studies Institute, $50,000
Landmark Legal Foundation, $1,095,000
National Center for Policy Analysis, $100,000
National Fatherhood Initiative, $1,290,000
Rockford Institute, $100,000
Toward Tradition, $35,000

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