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Member of the Republican Party, also referred as the GOP. Although Abraham Lincoln was a founder of the party, its principle mode of operation for more than 50 years is founded on racism. This is known as the Southern Strategy, in the Code Word language of the party and its followers.

Alternate Meaning

One who supports or advocates one or another form of republic. Among the options are

  • The tyranny recommended in Plato's book, The Republic
  • The Athenian Republic
  • The Roman Republic, including the Roman Empire
  • The Venetian Republic, run by an elected Duke
  • The US Federal Republic
  • Modern parliamentary republics
  • Communist People's Republics, where "people" is defined as "good Communists", as defined by the particular Communist party in power.

People's Republics range from the Czech "Communism with a human face" to Stalinist North Korea.

As Richard Feynman's father taught him, names tell you nothing. What counts is behavior.

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