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The New York State Legislature consists of two houses, a Senate and an Assembly, and meets annually at Albany from January to June and at other sessions called by legislative leaders during the year. The governor may also call the Legislature into extraordinary session for a limited agenda. State Senate and Assembly members serve two-year terms.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, "Full-Time and Part-Time Legislatures," the New York State Legislature is a full or near full time, high-pay, large-staff Professional Legislature. Mmembership in the body is notoriously static; only 30 incumbents in both houses have been defeated for re-election since 1982. Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno of Rensselaer and Democrat Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver of Manhattan are the unquestioned brokers of power in the state, together with Republican governor George Pataki. Despite this high level of incumbent experience on both sides of the aisle, the Legislature has not passed a state budget on time for 20 years.

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