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a.k.a. "Kos" (pronounced "Kose", NOT "Koss"). Rhymes with "morose", or if you're willing to be flexible with your rhymes, "toast".

Pierced and tatooed fan of Bad Religion.

Baseball fan, especially of the Chicago Cubs.

Composer, pianist.

Wunderkind Democratic weblogger who created Daily Kos, one of the world's most viewed political weblogs.

Early supporter of Governor Howard Dean's 2004 Presidential Campaign which, combined with other weblog supporters, led to the meteoric nationwide rise of Dean's "Netroots"-based campaign that combined grassroots organizing techniques with the Internet.

Regular contributor to the Majority Report on Air America Radio.

The Infamous Merc Statement

Controversial, yes. Many say don't let things like this live on, don't give them the time of day. Well, we don't give them the time of day, except the time that day we gave to it. Ok, and then over and over in the Diaries where we hid our feelings on the matter in the least effective manner of hiding. Summarize as you like, Markos doesn't like mercinaries, that much is certain (he can edit this if he disagrees...!). Here is the original diary.

Those that don't think the subject is to be avoided range from those that are happy to speak about the evils of security contracting in a war zone to those that resent the way kos' comment was reported. In the end, people that still would address or record such an issue either think an argument can be won there, or they are obsessive about having a complete record.


In 2007 in response to some "people" comparing dkos to the KKK and Nazi party Markos apeared on the Colbert Report. Brilliance ensued video of said event

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