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In addition to the hotlines listed here, contact the following:

  • your local elections board (sample Internet searches: "Springfield Massachusetts elections board", "Springfield Massachusetts town clerk")
  • the Secretary of State for your state (sample Internet search: "secretary state Massachusetts")
  • the campaign for one or more of the candidates being affected
  • the judge assigned to your county (or other jurisdiction) to hear voting complaints (campaigns may know who this is)
  • the media


Nonpartisan hotlines

Union hotlines

Government hotlines

Democratic hotlines

National Democratic hotline

Local and state Democratic hotlines

  • 970-484-3300: Colorado Democratic Party (Brent Olsson)
  • 1-888-678-VOTE (1-888-678-8683): Maryland Democratic Party's Voter Empowerment Hotline (dKos diary by wmtriallawyer)
  • 816-753-7931: Kansas City, MO Democratic Election Protection number

E-mail addresses

  • for problems to be collected by Subodh Chandra, Caroline Gentry, and Ritchey Hollenbaugh (see Oct. 28 diary by Renee in Ohio)

Internet resources

  • is a step-by-step guide to voting
  • provides a user interface "widget" for reporting election irregularities; the reports are then passed on (presumably to People for the American Way, which is a partner and runs the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline)
  • Fair Vote Colorado provides a web form (and phone number) for reporting incidents

Additional resources

  • AFL-CIO resources including bills of rights for voters in AZ, FL, MD, MI, MO, NV, OH, PA, TN, WA and poster advertising the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline
  • has resources including lists of state laws affecting voter ID, registration databases, and more
  • is a project to get election irregularities into media headlines immediately
  • is a project to organize using cell phone cameras to capture "veeks" ("video peeks") of election irregularities
  • is a project to organize the filming of election irregularities

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