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While 2002 was hardly a good year for Democrats, whether in or out of Georgia, the defeat of Governor Roy Barnes and Senator Max Cleland, following shameful campaigns by their opponents, was not the beginning and end of the election. Elsewhere, Democrats Cathy Cox, Mark Taylor, Michael Thurmond, and Thurbert Baker won election by at least 5% of the vote, and in the case of Cox, by more than 25%. Democrats won a majority of seats in both houses of the General Assembly, and Democrats Jim Marshall and David Scott won Georgia's new Congressional districts.

Following the 2002 election, four party switchers shifted control of the Senate to the Republicans. In the House, Republicans attempted a similar shift with the election of a Republican-friendly Democrat, Larry Walker, as Speaker; it failed. Following the 2004 court-ordered redistricting, Republicans boasted that they would persuade more than two dozen House Democrats to switch parties. Yet despite heavy pressure, they found only five, all of whom were conservative Democrats drawn into heavily Republican districts.

Entering the 2004 election, each party is certain of around 50 seats in the House, and of around 10 seats in the Senate, either because their candidates face no challengers or because they face no challengers outside the primary; the remaining seats will be decided by the voters.

In Congress, Democrats are certain to hold four seats: John Lewis and David Scott face no Republican opposition, and Sanford Bishop and Denise Majette's successor face weak Republicans in Democratic districts. The fifth Democrat in the delegation, Jim Marshall, faces the same opponent as in 2002, Calder Clay; Marshall won by little more than 1,500 votes that year, but this year he has outraised Clay, and he has voted conservatively, leaving Clay with no substantial issues. In all likelihood, a sixth Democrat will defeat Republican Max Burns, who faces re-election in a Democratic district.


Federal Elections

Primary (July 20, 2004)

S Denise Majette *defeated Oxford in Aug. runoff D 258,469
S Cliff Oxford D 128,531
S Jim Boyd D 87,694
S Mary Squires D 55,040
S Leigh Baier D 47,484
S Jim Finkelstein D 22,532
S Sid Cottingham D 16,200
S Govind Patel D 9,165
S Johnny Isakson *winner R 346,670
S Herman Cain R 170,370
S Mac Collins R 133,952
04 Cynthia McKinney *winner D 48,512
04 Liane Levetan D 19,723
04 Cathy Woolard D 18,164
04 Connie Stokes D 4,972
04 Nadine Thomas D 2,938
04 Chris Vaughn D 1,280
06 Tom Price *defeated Lamutt in runoff R 29,144
06 Robert Lamutt R 23,176
06 Robert Lamutt R 23,176
06 Chuck Clay R 17,705
06 Roger Hines R 7,645
06 Al Beverly R 3,187
06 Chris Chatwood R 991
06 Kevin Johns R 974
08 Lynn Westmoreland *defeated Glenn in runoff R 43,005
08 Dylan Glenn R 35,276
08 Mike Crotts R 10,596
08 Tom Mills R 4,926
12 John Barrow *winner D 28,110
12 Doug Haines D 15,808
12 Tony Center D 8,122
12 Caine Cortellino D 2,585
13 David Scott *winner D 42,498
13 William Ogletree D 8,340
PSC Mac Barber D 399,634
PSC Mike Berlon D 158,182
PSC Bobby Baker R 429,605
PSC Roger Dozier R 97,713
PSC Terry Taschwer R 46,307
SC Leah Sears *winner 744,835
SC Grant Brantley 451,198
AC Debra Bernes 309,005
AC Mike Sheffield 207,416
AC Howard Mead 207,068
AC Thomas Rawlings 124,027
AC Lee Wallace 120,470
AC William Hawkins 80,128

General (November 2, 2004)

Democratic Congressmen John Lewis (GA-05) and David Scott (GA-13) and Republican Congressmen Jack Kingston (GA-01), John Linder (GA-07), and Nathan Deal (GA-10) have no general election opposition.

S Runoff D
S Johnny Isakson R
02 Sanford Bishop, Incumbent D
02 Dave Eversman R
03 Jim Marshall, Incumbent D
03 Calder Clay R
04 Cynthia McKinney D
04 Catherine Davis R
08 Silvia Delamar D
08 Runoff R
09 Bob Ellis D
09 Charlie Norwood, Incumbent R
11 Rick Crawford D
11 Phil Gingrey, Incumbent R
12 John Barrow D
12 Max Burns, Incumbent R
PSC Mac Barber D
PSC Bobby Baker, Incumbent R


(list excludes retiring Congressmen and includes their replacements, **already decided races will list only one name)

State Elections

Following court-ordered redistricting in 2004, several districts have more than one incumbent.

Georgia Senate

District 1

District 4

District 22

District 23

District 24

  • Republican Primary

Joey Brush incumbent Jim Whitehead winner

District 27

District 29

District 35

District 46

Georgia House

District 7

District 26

District 45

District 80

District 149

District 161

District 165

District 166

Local Elections

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