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Dean Barker (b. June 19, 1972-) is managing editor of the New Hampshire Democratic blog He lives in Andover, New Hampshire and teaches Greek and Latin at Kearsarge Regional High School. [1] [2] [3] Born in Pearl River, New York, he attained a Bachelor's degree in literature from Bard College, a Master's degree in classical languages from the City University of New York Graduate School and an ABD in classical philology at Fordham University, before moving to the Granite State in 1999. [4]

Dean Barker is one of three founders of Blue Hampshire. He, Laura Clawson and Mike Caulfield each had their own respective political blogs before combining them on November 18, 2006 after the 2006 U.S. general elections gave the Democratic Party of New Hampshire majority control of both chambers of government for the first time since 1874. [5] Modeled after the national blog Daily Kos, [6] the Blue Hampshire online community consists of people who are excited and knowledgeable about politics. [7] Members include past and present chairs of the state Democratic party, State Representatives, and party activists. [8] Community members are called Blue Hamsters and hold an annual Blue Hampshire Bash. Politics Magazine's James Pindell named Dean Barker New Hampshire's most influential Democrat of 2009. PDF

Dean Barker says he would much prefer to spend his time gardening and reading poetry, but the deep regret he feels over his support of the Iraq war fuels all his blogging, and he wants to do what he can, for the sake of his son, to make sure that such a calamity will never happen again. [9]

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