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The Congressional Committees Project started out as an idea on first as a conversation among commenters, and then as a diary (or essay) by daily kos user "Greenreflex" (John Wonderlich). That diary, from November 11th, 2006, can be found here.

Our main goal is to promote awareness of our American legislature by helping contributors to organize information on committees, and to share resources and information. After gaining prominence on daily kos and a devoted group of contributors helping to design our wiki pages (all hosted by the dkosopedia, a part of daily kos) a diary by Greenreflex researching committee transparency was noticed by a staffer for Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi.

With that initial contact made, the contributors to the Congressional Committees Project were given an additional task: become knowledgable advocates of legislative transparency, and give recommendations on how the new democratic majority can most effectively interact with an increasingly sophisticated community of internet users, who have tools and capabilities unavailable in 1994--the last time the democrats had a majority.

While this project was started by commenters on a partisan political blog, anyone is welcome to contribute constructively to the Congressional Committees Project. Transparency should be a nonpartisan issue, as should be information and truth.

It should also be noted that the location of this project on the dkosopedia (the wiki section of the does not imply the endorsement of daily kos or its creators.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts, you can go to the Getting Started page.

Other inquiries can go to either our yahoogroup, or to johnwonderlich at gmail dot com.

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