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What we say today, no matter what we said last year or even last week; but see The Truth!!John McCain
Civil rights, abortion rights, gay rights, and regulation of business; Federal taxes on alcohol enforced by Revenooers—Strom Thurmond, as Governor of South Carolina; Any restrictions whatsoever on slavery—any Civil War Secessionist
Yankee; OMG, he's Black!
Unitary executive
King; theocrat—Dick Cheney, John Yoo
Unlawful combatant
Whoever we say, to be held during King George “W.” Bush Jr. III's pleasure
N*****-loving; in the case of former US Senator Max Cleland, having lost only two legs and an arm while serving in Vietnam
UnReal UnAmerican
Thinking that equality applies to you—Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-GA, called out by Stephen Colbert in Blackwashing
Voodoo economics
Never heard of it—Vice President George H. W. Bush
Voter Fraud
Anything that lets more unReal unAmericans—poor people and minorities—vote—John McCain; ACORN; the Democrat (sic) Party
War hero
Sen. John McCain, who got shot down over Vietnam by disobeying standing orders to evade the missile coming at his plane—John McCain; Not Max Cleland or John Kerry, however
War on drugs
War on Black society, particularly voting rights, epitomized by the old slogan "cocainized N*****s". See The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander

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