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Palling around with the riff-raff
Enemy combatant
Your grandmother, if we say so; common criminal; inhuman monster terrorist not deserving of fundamental human rights such as Miranda warnings—Newt Gingrich
Energy policy
Drill, baby, drill!—Former Gov. Sarah Palin
Enhanced interrogation
TortureBush Administration Principals; state terrorism—Former VP Dick Cheney
Benefit for unworthy persons, who are not Real Americans, as opposed to tax cuts for the rich.
Entitlement reform
Getting their grubby paws on your Medicare and Social Security. But don't worry. It's all right as long as Blacks get hurt worse, according to Lee Atwater.
Enumerated powers
The doctrine that Congress has only the powers specifically stated in the Constitution, so that the Commerce Clause, the Equal Protection Clause, and other general clauses in the Constitution are nullities, conferring no actual powers. In particular, Congress did not have the authority to use both Commerce and Equal Protection to pass the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, nor did the Supreme Court have the authority in Brown v. Board of Education to overturn Plessey v. Ferguson, making segregation and the rest of Jim Crow illegal, nor did President Eisenhower have the authority to send Federal troops to enforce Brown v. Board.—Sen. Tom Coburn at Elena Kagan hearings
More equal for us—George Orwell, Animal Farm; more equal for corporations—US Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Application of Fourteenth Amendment rights for ex-slaves to corporations. See also liberty, brotherhood
Effete anti-American Socialist defeatist
Lousy Liberal-biased facts
Slander!! You can't tell me that I'm descended from Black Africans!
Executive privilege
"When the President does it, it's not a crime."—Former President Richard M. Nixon
Corporate shill; junk scientist; Rush Limbaugh
Ideology; lies; Biblical myths; canting hypocrisy
Fair and Balanced
We'll bring in people we don't agree with, and then ridicule them and shout them down.—Bill O'Reilly, Fox News
Family values
White male supremacy and the double standard
OMG, he's Black!
Man hater—Charlton Heston; 95% of threat to marriage—Phyllis Schlafly (Gays are the other 5%.)
Fiscal responsibility
Giving tax breaks to the rich while gutting social programs for the poor, women, and minorities, stripping union rights, and increasing taxes on the poor, women, the blind, the aged, and the young. Numerous Republican governors.

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