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-- DRAFT --

Obviously, this is still a skeleton. It will be a community effort to flesh this out and get the ball rolling. We've got lots of diaries, articles, ideas and comments covering a lot of issues, and it's time to get organized with them. Feel free to edit these pages to your heart's desire and get involved. For example, after working at the polls this election season, I (User:Fwiffo) feel that I know a little bit about optical-scanning election machines and can offer some good advice in that area. On the other hand, I'm in a state (Michigan) that has a good voting system that seems to be working very well for the most part. But maybe there's some other action that needs to happen in this state that I can help out with, and maybe there's some other Kossack in one of our voting banana republics that needs information about how Michigan got things working.

Liberal bloggers have shown that we can make a difference when we get organized. We need to take it to the next level. Right now, every kossack with a keyboard has been typing up their ideas for the future of the Democratic party in response to the less than excellent results on Tuesday. Consider this entry "meta-brainstorming".

We need to get organized. We need to get organized in cyberspace and organized in meatspace. We need to centralize that organization for all the liberal blogs to create the maximum focus. The dKos wiki is ideal for this purpose.

I propose a taskforce broken down into a hierarchy consisting of three primary branches -- Taskforce Issues, Taskforce Action and Taskforce Geography. Individual bloggers, Kossacks, etc. will choose and occupy a place on this heirarchy. As much as everyone likes to have fingers in lots of pots, it is more efficient and effective for individuals to remain focused on just a few specific things than it is to multitask too much. A description of the three branches:

Taskforce Issues

This is our thinktank. We decide what issues are most important and how to frame them. We need to find out why we're not winning and how to fix it. Was it turnout? Was it really the "values" vote? Was it personal qualities about the candidate? Was it issues? Was it fraud?

Taskforce Action

What do we do about our issues and how do we do it? We need to get petitions out there for ballot initiatives, support candidates, raise funds, contact our representatives, push ourselves into the media, mobilize voters, organize boycotts, etc.

Taskforce Geography

We need people on the ground coordinating these efforts. We need leaders in regions and in states and at the local level. We need people familiar with local issues and local politics.

These Wiki pages will provide the organization. Each page in the hierarchy will provide links to the coordinators for that section, links to web sites, other parts of the wiki, diaries, etc., and room for discussion. The critical effort will be to translate each section into real world action. The nation is recovering from election fatigue, but we need to start getting ready for the next round now.

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