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This is a blog best practice. If you object, indicate that at the tag:editor portal.

When a hot topic pops up where a particular individual is at the center of the story, it is helpful to keep track of the tags being used for that story so we don't wind up with different descriptive tags for the same event/situation.

Please avoid new tags: Any famous people, infamous commentators, reliable news sources should already have names in dKosopedia itself or in Wikipedia. Accordingly creating new tags should be rare. Even at the very active Daily Kos, as of October 2006, there were about 200 new tags being created every day. Many people work to evaluate and get rid of tags used only one time, sometimes called "cutesy tags" - more an expression of opinion or emotion than a word to be used for categorizing/indexing. When deleting these "one off" tags from diaries, it's also good practice to leave a comment explaining that this is not good practice.

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